Clothes donations,Local donation pick ups,What is a purple heart in the military 3 Reasons Why You Should Donate Your Clothing Today

3 Reasons Why You Should Donate Your Clothing Today

Donating clothing to charity

When you make the decision to make a clothing donation, you’re doing a lot of good for a lot of people. You may not even realize it, but you’ll be helping families in need, while also helping yourself, and the planet. Here are just some of the reasons why you can feel good about your clothing donations. Hopefully, they will help you to continue making charitable clothing donations for years to come.

You’re helping your community – When you decide to donate your clothes, you’re giving back to the people in your community. Less fortunate families will be able to use your charity donations to have clean, gently worn clothing available to them, even if they can’t afford to buy it new. You’ll be sharing your privilege with those who have less, which is a great thing for building a great community.

You’re helping your planet – Buy donating your clothes instead of throwing them away, you’re helping to keep a lot of material out of landfills. Approximately 99% of discarded fabric can be recycled, but even still, 12 million tons of textiles end up in landfills anyways. When you donate your clothes, you do your part to reduce that waste and help further protect our planet.

You’re helping yourself – There is probably a lot of stuff in your wardrobe that you never wear. Why keep it around to gather dust and waste space? Giving your unneeded clothing to clothing donation charities will clear up valuable space in your home, leaving you free to refresh your wardrobe, or just to simplify. Chances are, you’ll barely notice these things are gone, and you may be helping to save a life.

Don’t hesitate. Do what you can to make a positive change today, and make a donation to your local charity. You’ll be doing a great thing for yourself and your community.

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