Best Items to Donate to Charity

Donate clothes

Every year, millions of Americans accept charitable donations to help them get by or to help get back on their feet. One statistic showed that about 4440,000 people residing in Philadelphia fall below the federal poverty line. Furthermore, donating to charity can be a rewarding experience that allows you to give back to those in the community. When thinking about helping families in need, it is important to know what to donate and what not to donate. The following are a few guidelines to think about to find the best items to donate to charity.

Start with a Charity
The first thing to do is find a local charity that accepts donations. From your search, you may find charities that pick up donations which makes the process even easier. Once you find a specific charity, see what they accept. Generally, household items, clothing, and books are accepted at most locations. Another option is to contact the local charity and see what they are most in need of. That way, you can be on a special lookout when decluttering your house and ask your friends or family members if they have any of these items they are willing to donate.

Gently used clothing is a great option when looking for charity donations that will make a big impact. 80% of clothing that is donated in the United States each year is used by charitable organizations to help needy families. In addition, every year the average American purchases ten pounds of previously used clothing in the United States. Before you toss a piece of clothing in the donations bag, check it over to see if it has any rips or stains. Clothes donations should be ready to wear and be free from harsh signs of wear.

Books are another thing to consider for charity donations. Children, teens, and adult books can bring a smile to someone’s day as long as they are in good condition. If pages have been ripped out, the book has been colored in, or pieces are missing, considering throwing it out as it is more likely trash than a piece to donate to charity.

If you are purchasing new furniture or have extra around your house that you just do not use anymore, considering donating it to charity. Many organizations are willing to come to your home, pick up the furniture, and haul it away at no charge. Contact your local charity for more information.

Kitchen Items
Considering purchasing a new set of kitchen utensils or pans? If you do, use your old ones as charity donations. These can be used for families who have lost their homes or those going through tough times. Donate even the small things, such as measuring cups, whisks, and spatulas as these can easily be forgotten or thrown away when people think about donating to charity.

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