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Where Can I Take My Charitable Clothing Donations?

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There are a variety of charities that cater to specific populations, and in addition to needing monetary resources and volunteers, many of them also take something else: used clothing donations. Charitable clothing donations are great because everyone can always use clothing, and there’s no shortage of whom that clothing can benefit. So if you’ve been looking for an excuse to clean out your closet (or your kids’ closets), now is the time!

Wondering about where your charitable clothing donations might go? Here are some common recipients of charity who can all use donated clothing:

Charities that help children are numerous, and many also help clothe children, too. After all, kids grow like weeds, and just when they’ve begun wearing one garment, they’ve grown out of several others. By getting rid of your children’s old clothing and donating it to charity, you can help other children stay warm during cold weather or having something to wear to school.

When our military service members come home from battle, they often encounter financial problems. Many veterans are in debt, and they also have trouble finding jobs. By donating to military veterans and their families, you can ensure that these brave men and women are taken care of when they return home.

Disabled Individuals
For many people with physical or mental disabilities, everyday life can be difficult, and it can be more difficult when the need for new clothing arises. Many charities focus on specific populations, such as donating to the blind, for example. See if there are any organizations in your area that help specific or general disabled populations with charitable clothing donations.

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