The Three Main Stages of a Unique Wedding

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When one talks about a wedding, oftentimes a very formal image is conjured up. Weddings can be more unique than that though. Here are the three stages of how a wedding progresses in both individuality and planning:

1. The Start

There are scores and scores of memorable moments in any given wedding. Perhaps one of the most iconic moments in the process of two people joining their lives together is the moment when one partner asks the other to do so. While not all of these moments are the same, they are more similar than one might think. For all the differences a would be groom may plan in their proposal, almost three in four brides are given a diamond engagement ring when he gets down on one knee and says those four words.

2. The Preparation

There is a bit more variety in weddings when it comes to how they are planned. There are many possibilities when it comes to both indoor and outdoor wedding venues. While outdoor wedding places may allow for a natural beauty, an indoor wedding venue like a banquet hall allows a private space and a more controlled environment where there would be less chance for inconveniences and bothers. Because places to have a wedding like banquet halls are more controlled, these party hall rentals allow wedding planners to keep a tighter schedule and make everything run more smoothly.

3. The Ceremony

Even more variety emerges when one comes to consider the actual reception and ceremony. For example, while weddings are thought to normally very formal occasions, less than one in five couples ask their guests to arrive in black tie attire. One in four couples even try for a themed ceremony, adding another level of uniqueness and customization to the special day. As the events leading up to the marriage progress, more and more individuality tends to shine through into what will hopefully be an equally unique and special marriage. How will you make your wedding unique?

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