6 Steps to the Perfect Event

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There are many details that go into organizing a big event. It?s the small details that really decide if the event will go smoothly or not. Seemingly small issues like if you forgot to rent wedding linens will make quite a difference to the look of your reception on the day. Below is a short list of how to plan the perfect event.

  1. First, you need to decide why you are organizing this event and what your goals and objectives are. If you are planning your wedding then you are organizing the event because you are getting married and while your main goal, of course, is to, quite obviously, get married. Your minor goals could be separated into mental and physical goals. Mental would be things such as a promise to yourself to have fun and not get stressed even if things do not go exactly as planned, as happens at many events. Physical goals are the actual to do?s; create lasting and beautiful memories without regrets which requires a strict plan.
  2. After you?ve completed the above exercise, make a master plan, a sort of to do list, that includes everything from venue, logistics, catering, permits needed and insurance to speakers, entertainment, activities, etc. If everything is written down, nothing can be forgotten. This will be your master list and you will visit it for reference often. It will be your sanity, your organization and your helper so take advantage of it. Add to it as you remember items along the way.
  3. Rally a team. Get together a group of people that you trust to help you run your event. Especially at your own wedding, you shouldn?t have to run things. Decide who you are going to appoint to be your point man on the day. This person needs to be with you through all decisions and choices as big as setting the date and choosing the venue and as small as placing the phone call to rent wedding linens and party equipment.
  4. Prepare a budget. This is important. Part of your goal was not to have regrets. Sticking to your budget will help this immensely. Separate your budget. ?Rent wedding linens? goes with ?rent chair covers? but should be separate from ?wedding tent rentals? and ‘dance floor rentals,’ not with ?catering allowance? and definitely not with ?wedding dress.? Each item needs a place.
  5. Set a date. Now that the logistics are complete you can set your date. This may have to be done after the venue is chosen based on the venue?s availability. Having an idea in mind when you would like the event to take place would be helpful but remember to be flexible.
  6. Now you can shop to your heart?s content, as long as you stick to your budget! Shopping also includes procuring the rentals and the DJ, etc. Anything that requires spending can be placed here.

Here you have an outline that should get you through the first part of throwing a great party! Good luck and have fun!
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