How to Give Back This Holiday Season

Organizations that help military families

America leads the world when it comes to waste per capita; the United States produces around 236 million tons of waste every year. Around 12 million tons of that waste is composed of clothing and textiles. A study from 2011 found that 90% of the clothing thrown out for the year could have been recycled or reused. Many Americans throw out clothing that they have outgrown, grown tired of, or simply never wear. Don’t contribute to the waste; help America cut down and help those in need through by donating clothing to charity.

Helping Those In Need

Many families are on a fixed income and cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a few new outfits. Statistically, one out of every 200 Americans are currently without a home and have no choice but to rely on the generosity of others. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that there are around 207,000 recent veterans who were unable to find work as of March of 2013. On average the unemployment rate for U.S. veterans is 2% above the national average for regular citizens. Helping those in need shouldn’t be seen as a kindness, but as a duty and obligation that we all have to give back to those who gave their all for our behalf.

The Benefits of Donating Clothing to Charity

Through charitable donations
, the textile recycling industry provides roughly 17,000 jobs around the country. Nonprofit clothing donation organizations were able to gather $5.8 billion worth of clothing donations in 2007. Organizations regularly distribute donations to the needy and use the money from selling clothing to pay employees and fund greater work efforts to help neighbors. The average person will buy up to 10 pounds worth of clothing from charity organizations; let’s make sure that we’re all giving back this holiday season by providing gently used clothing to our neighbors in need.
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