Charitable clothing donations,Clothes donations,Support for military families The Top Three Ways Why Clothing Donations Help Veterans

The Top Three Ways Why Clothing Donations Help Veterans

Military families

While life itself can be difficult to juggle, veteran families are often faced with unique challenges that civilian families may have trouble empathizing with or relating to.

However, the war doesn’t always end when an active duty military member arrives home. Often time, they are still required to uphold their military responsibilities or prepare for another deployment. Similarly, veterans also face unique challenges, such as higher rates of unemployment.

As such, giving back to American families is a cause that is the heart of many Americans. While all forms of charitable donations are needed and make a big difference, clothing donations are especially helpful and are in demand. Here are three ways they make a difference in the lives of veterans.

Family matters

It’s estimated that over 27% of military families have over %10,000 in credit card debt. This can make it difficult to manage monthly expenses, including the cost of new clothes or footwear, especially during back to school time. By making clothing donations for veterans, you’re also helping their family survive.

Land a job

Another way that clothing donations for veterans make a difference in their lives is that they can help them find a job. On average, veterans face higher rates of unemployment compared to civilians. By donating professional and business casual attire, you’re helping them gain a competitive edge.

Cleaner environment

A cleaner environment isn’t just beneficial for veterans, rather, it helps everyone in the community. Donating clothes helps to significantly reduce the amount of fabric or textile waste that ends up in landfills. In turn, this helps to reduce both land and air pollution.

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