Charitable clothing donations,Charities for military families,Used clothing pick up Easy Ways You Can Give Back to Military Families in Your Community and Beyond

Easy Ways You Can Give Back to Military Families in Your Community and Beyond

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Family life can be difficult. Between managing finances, raising children, juggling hectic schedules, and finding time to spend together as family, the going can get a little tough. Now, imagine the increased difficulty of long, often dangerous deployments, frequent moves, and responsibility, dedication, and commitment that comes along with military life. This is the reality for many military families.

Helping military families is a cause that is important to many Americans, and one that many feel very passionately about regardless of political affiliation. Despite that chaos that comes with civilian family life, finding time to make charitable donations for military families is still possible with a little creative thinking.

For example, clothing donations are perhaps one of the best and easiest ways to make donations for military families in your community or across the country. Now that spring will soon be here, now is the perfect time to clean our your closet and determine what can be donated.

There are a number of organizations that accept clothing donations who also offer donation pick up services. All you have to do is schedule a donation pick up time and leave your clothing items outside your home or work. That’s it! the organization will come by and pick up the items that were left outside.

Clothing donations are also very beneficial to the environment. On average, Americans discard roughly 68 pounds of clothing each year alone, of which 99% could have been donated or recycle in some way. By donating clothes, you are helping to reduce fabric and textile waste in landfills.

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