The Benefits of Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners who are interested in adding value and protection to their homes. Local roofing contractors can aid you with the installation and repairs of your metal roof. Black corrugated metal roofing sheets look great. Metal roofs are durable, long-lasting, and resistant to fire, wind, and hail.

Did you know that you can expect a 40-year metal roof to work as if brand-new if it is taken care of properly? Getting an expert opinion will give you peace of mind knowing all is done according to regulation with safety in mind too. Silver and black corrugated metal panels are for insulating warm and colder temperatures improving energy use in the home.

In addition to their durability and energy efficiency, aluminum sheets for roofs is low maintenance also low maintenance, requiring little more than an occasional cleaning. This is excellent news for many property owners. Some local roofing contractors will assist you in the cleaning process using power hoses and other equipment. Whether you’re looking to make your home more energy efficient or simply to increase the value of your property, a metal roof is a great choice.

Having a good, solid roof is a great way to ensure the long-lasting value of your home. Many roofs, however, leave questions as to whether they are going to both last the sufficient amount of time and also do their job right. Typical roofing shingles are an effective, inexpensive solution that work for many homes. However, many homeowners find them insufficient when put under the stress of snow. Conversely, metal roofs have been proven to be very effective in all sorts of conditions. Metal roofing contractors in your area can be hired to give you the metal roof residential installation you need in order to gain a whole new sense of confidence in your roof. Finding the right contractor and making sure a metal roof is actually for you are critical pieces of the puzzle that you need to get in place before moving forward. Here are some tips that may help you get started.

Figure Out if a Metal Roof Is for You

For many homeowners, a typical shingled roof is sufficient. Shingled roofs do a good job of keeping moisture out, for the most part, and they can be installed quickly if done so you the right crew. However, there are some significant drawbacks to shingled roofs. For one, they have a tendency to leak over time. A lot of different things can happen to a shingled roof, and if you just installed a new one, most of them may not affect you. However, they do have an expiration date, and if a house you have either purchased or inherited came with a shingled roof, you will likely have to replace it at least once during the time you live in the house. Shingled roofs are more susceptible to leaking than metal roofs due to their layered construction procedure. There are also some vulnerable spots ona shingled roof, particularly where two edges meet or in valleys and corners. If these were not installed perfectly, they can be prone to leaking. A lot of metal roofing contractors get their work from shingled roofs that simply don’t cut it.

Shingled roofs also have a tendency to hold onto snow. The texture of a shingled roof is one that holds snow in a way similar to how sandpaper likes to grip your skin when you touch it. This isn’t a big problem if it only snows a little bit. But in Wisconsin, with considerable snow storms each year, the risk associated with a roof that grips snow is too big a concern for some folks to handle, so they decide to go metal. If you’ve ever seen a roof collapse, you understand why. Even a roof that has withstood several strong, heavy storms, may be on the verge of breaking under the weight of the next one. Metal roofing contractors can install a new metal roof in no time, and this will help the snow slide off much easier than it would with a shingled roof.

Metal Roofs Are Long-Lasting

When a roofing contractor installs a shingle roof, there are a lot of areas that need to be finished to perfection, otherwise the roof will be susceptible to water intrusion. With a metal roof, any seams are easily sealed so the concern surrounding water intrusion is largely mitigated. Also, because the water isn’t allowed to sit and rest on the roof for long periods of time, the possibility of it finding its way inside your home is significantly reduced. With a shingled roof, moisture can get up and underneath the shingles, given the right temperatures and conditions. Once it’s there, it can freeze. This can make the shingle rise, allowing more moisture to get underneath. The shallower the slope of the roof, the more likely this is to happen. Once the shingle lifts, snow, ice or other things are likely to get up inside. This can compromise the integrity of your roof. A metal roof is not going to have the same issues. A metal roofing company can further explain how a metal roof can benefit your specific home in more detail.

A metal roof is a great go-to solution for nearly any family, but if you are in the Wisconsin area, due to the snowfall, you should definitely consider calling metal roofing contractors near you.

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