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How to Organize an At-Home Homework Space for your Kids

School may have just ended, but in just over a month a new school year will be starting over again. If you’ve found that your children struggle to set down to do their homework in the afternoon, the answer could be a more organized and inviting space for them to do their work.

Find a quiet space, but not too quiet.

Ideally, your child’s homework area should be away from distractions, such as the TV, but they should also have easy access to parents in case they have questions or need help with assignments. It’s also important to cater to your child’s learning style from outset: if your kid is musical and focuses best when music is playing, why not set up a study area near the family sound system? If your child has a naturalistic learning style, try giving them a table or work station near a window so they can see the outdoors. Ask your child what works for them and consider their suggestions.

Use a furniture organizer to sort school supplies.

This has the added bonus of challenging your kids to keep their study areas neat and organized. Try finding a furniture organizer with various drawers that are accessible to your little ones. In addition to having labeled drawers for the usual homework supplies, such as calculators, rulers, and pencils, you can also keep drawers for craft supplies that they can use for projects and special assignments, such as construction paper, markers, fabric swatches, etc. You can also set aside craft paper storage drawers in your furniture organizer for construction paper and some cleaning supplies to encourage cleanup at the end of the day.

Get creative and have fun.

Not many kids look forward to homework time, but making their study space colorful and fun can encourage them to spend afternoons there. You can invest in a colorful 6 cube organizer to keep track of assignments for various subjects in school or paint a furniture organizer to suit your child’s fancy. A whimsical arts and crafts organizer can double as a storage space. Investing in fun tots to teens furniture can allow you and your child to make slight modifications to their study space as they grow older, so you don’t need to worry about your kid outgrowing their space.

There is no right or wrong way to create a study space for your kids. With just a few pieces of furniture, such as a desk, chair, lamp, and furniture organizer or three drawer organizer, and imagination and creativity can fill in the rest.

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