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Best Ways to De-Junk Your Garage

Garages are one of the most commonly found storage spaces on American properties, yet they’re often being used for anything but car storage — one quarter of U.S. households with a two-car garage don’t have enough room to park a car inside it, and even 32% of households only have enough room for one car. Storing a vehicle keeps it clean and sheltered and helps regulate car temperature in seasonal weather. Plus, who wants all that awful clutter rotting away in the garage? Here are some tips to keep your garage clear and ready to use, and looking less like a storage unit for rent.

  • Resist decluttering your home only to end up clutter your home’s storage spaces.

    Of course it’s difficult to let go of your personal belongings when decluttering your home, but avoid simply moving things from one inconvenient spot to another. It’s a very easy pit to accidentally fall into. Do something with those old bags of clothes and grandma’s porcelain doll collection.

  • A huge solution that will keep your garage from looking and feeling like a storage unit? Renting an actual self storage space.

    You only use your canoe in summer, and you use your car all year. Why is the canoe taking garage priority over your car? Find a suitable storage unit for rent and toss the large seasonal items you can’t part with into the unit. They’re still accessible, they’re also simply out of your way. Another garage-filling mistake is using the garage for storing items while moving and then never relocating some of those items and boxes. If you know this is a mistake you’ll make, finding a storage unit for rent temporarily can be a solution to push to you unpack those boxes and find a place for the ugly antique coffee table your S.O. likes.

  • Use some creative organization to create more storage space that still allows for car space.

    It’s likely that you still need garage storage for some things that you use often or need closeby, like tools or bicycles. If that’s the case, get creative with some options like drawers, hooks, and overhead storage to be able to keep some sense of organization and utilizability in your garage.

  • Just as it pays to be mindful about using space in your home, mindfulness about using storage space pays off in the long run too. Adapt these ideas to your situation, and your car and your garage will absolutely thank you for it.

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