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How to Stay Safe When Meeting For the First Time

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Dating websites have been around for years now, and yet they are still considered somewhat risky. There is a certain level of trust needed to meet someone new. If this new person’s character is not vouched for by a friend or family member, it falls upon you to make sure they are who they say they are. Whether or not a connection might be made between the two of you should be the main concern before a date; concerns about the dangers of complete strangers can put you on edge.

About one in ten Americans have utilized new dating apps or one of the new dating websites to meet people. We all have heard advice about keeping personal details private on the internet, and that can become difficult when trying to make a connection with someone new. The rules still apply when on a single dating site, though. There is no need to share an over-abundance of personal information such as your address, your place of work, or other information concerning your whereabouts at any given time. This may seem overly paranoid or even strange, but there is a reason for it.

Do Not Give Out Your Address.

If you go on a date that does not end well, the best case scenario is that neither party contacts each other again. But if one side decides to push things further even after protests, it can at the very least become awkward. If one side has ended the connection, they surely do not want the other person to be able to show up unannounced. At the worst, it could be dangerous. Safe online dating means being careful with your address.

Always Meet In a Public Area.

This probably seems obvious, but do not choose your own house for the site of the first date. Online dating websites usually have a list of tips on how to stay safe, but it needs to be reiterated. No matter how well you get along, or how much you have spoken on the phone, or how “sweet” someone seems, it is better to be slightly paranoid than the alternative. Meeting in public greatly lowers the chances of assault, to put it bluntly. There is still a chance, of course, but it is unlikely to be made around other people.

What Can You Tell Them Then?

You can tell your date the line of work you are in, or the major company you work for. The city you live in, or the type of dog you have are great ways of connecting to others. Do not tell them the route you take to go running, or the park you take your dog to each day at a certain time. Once there has been a date or several, then it is fine to slowly incorporate your date into your life. When you are the only one vouching for this person’s character, it is important to be careful and pay attention to the details.

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