Charities for wounded soldiers,Charity foundations,Children in need clothing Got a Closet Full of Old Clothes? Donate Them!

Got a Closet Full of Old Clothes? Donate Them!

Donate clothes

Donation centers and charities, like charities for wounded soldiers, are always in need of gently used clothing, linen, and textile items. Some are even in need of household donations. Fortunately here in the U.S., people often have more than they need or use in terms of clothes. Unfortunately, not enough people think to donate their used clothing items, and instead throw them away, where they collect in landfills. In fact, U.S. landfills receive an estimated 10.5 million tons of clothing each year! The typical American only donates or recycles 15% of their used items. This means that too many items are going to waste each an every year, which is why it’s important to raise awareness of the benefits to donating used items.

When you donate a bag full of used clothing to places like charities for wounded soldiers, you’re giving someone, and perhaps even their family, hope and dignity. You’re clothing those less fortunate. No more than ever, with so many people unemployed, it’s imperative that more people begin donating to charities. And even though there are too many people not donating on a regular basis, there are still a good number of people who do. In fact, in 2014, charitable organizations received about $358.38 billion in donations. In 2006, enough people recycled their items that 2.5 billion pounds of clothing, linens and textiles were kept out of landfills and donated to charities.

There are also financial benefits to donating things like clothing and linens to charities. There are tax benefits to donating. Many donations can be written off on taxes, and as long as the total donations don’t exceed $250, you won’t have to include a receipt on your taxes. And you can write off a number of items, like coats and coffee makers. Items like men’s coats and suits are worth about $60, while coffee makers vary between $4 and $15. Even better is that nearly 100% of all clothing, textiles and linens can be donated, regardless of the condition they’re in.

So if you’re closet it getting full of items you haven’t worn in awhile, maybe it’s time to start a pile to take to a donation center or charity. Don’t be one of those American’s who throw away an estimated 70 pounds of items a year. There are many people and families in need out there that would be grateful for your donation. So look up your nearest clothing drop off locations or charities for wounded soldiers and clean out your closet to make your first clothes donation!

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