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Three Reasons to Give to a Clothing Donation Pick Up Charity

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As most people know, there is no shortage of ways to give to charity. From dropping off donations at your favorite secondhand shop to donating to local charity organizations, churches, and schools, there are many different ways that you can donate useful items, like clothing. Giving gently used clothing donations to charity is one of the best and greenest ways to help others. Not only does donating help prevent textiles from winding up in the landfill, but it also provides a much needed product to people in your community.

In fact, some clothing donation services are so easy to give to that they’ll even pick them up right at your door. Here are three reasons you should consider donating to services for clothing donations that pick up at home:

1. They’re convenient. Clothing donation pick ups are an easy way to give because all you have to do is gather what you want to donate. Just clean out your closet beforehand, place the items in bags or other easy to carry containers, and call your local charity to let them know that you have items to be picked up. When you give donations that pick up at home, that company will come right to your door and haul the items away for you.

2. They’re beneficial to the community. With a clothing donation pick up service, you’re helping to give clothing and other household goods to people in your community who need these items. But your generosity will go beyond the initial donation. Many services that pick up donations at home also employ the people they help, so they can make ends meet. No matter which charity you choose to give to, you can help spread some good in the community.

3. They help the environment. Clothing donation pick ups do all of the collection for you, so you don’t have to get in your car to drive to the drop off center. Also, by donating, your keeping clothing and textiles out of landfills, so they don’t contribute to the 12 to 13 million tons of these materials that tend to wind up there each year. That’s a sobering statistic when you consider that as much as 95% of all of those garments could have been salvaged instead.

Have more questions about how clothing donation pick ups work? Leave a comment below, and find the best charities to donate to in your area.

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