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Five Tips for Clear Communication With a Broker

Working with a realtor

Whether you’re buying or selling property, real estate agents are in the business of assisting you, as real estate market experts, to get the best deal possible. But if you are not used to working with a Realtor, or are not prepared with the know-how to communicate with them clearly, brokering a real estate deal can end up being costly and frustrating. Real estate services are available to help you, yes, but you cannot forget that the broker is also attempting to make a living. Hopefully these five tips can help you get the most out of working with a broker.
Be Clear, Be Specific
Take the initial meeting with your agent to map out all the specifics; it pays to be thorough. Be clear with them about your expectations and get feedback from the agent that specifies what they’re offering for services and how much the fee will be. Treat this as the primary opportunity you have to assess whether this will be a solid working relationship since it’s also the easiest time to still back out and look elsewhere about hiring a real estate agent.
Make a Communication Timeline
Try and set up a recurring day/time to continually touch base with your agent. You’re both busy people, and while there should always be flexibility on both sides, this will establish a pattern of accountability to one another. Even if you always end up having to pushing it forward a few hours or even into the next day, it makes an important mental note for both parties.
Keep Appointments, Be On Time
This goes both ways. the above mentioned weekly phone check-in is one thing, but when it comes to face to face meetings, there needs to be equal respect from both parties for the time expended. It may not be your intention, but rescheduling and canceling at the last minute establishes a feeling of uncertainty.
Who’s Running the Open House?
If you’re selling property, it’s pretty standard for you to be present at open houses to address any questions or concerns and just generally oversee the event. It’s not unusual to have your agent along as added support, but this is something that should be established straight away. Don’t make assumptions that this is included in real estate services and end up angry and disappointed afterwards.
Get It in Writing
While you will hopefully not end up in a legal hassle with your broker, it’s just prudent to keep all correspondence and written notes about everything relating to your property deal. Keep your notes together so they’re available should you need them. Presenting yourself as organized creates authority.
Making the most of real estate services can be tricky, whether researching a new home or selling a vacant lot. While you and your broker are ideally working toward the same cause, there can be misunderstandings along the way. Your broker is likely looking to expend the least amount of time for the most amount of money. By making a clear timeline and establishing expectations from the start, you can avoid aggravations down the line.
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