Lifestyle factors that promote good health Taking Time to Care About Re-Building Your Life A Checklist

Taking Time to Care About Re-Building Your Life A Checklist

If you’re making a fresh start in life, you may wonder which steps to take. According to Medium, your first step will be to acknowledge the circumstances that have brought you to this fresh start. You may need to grieve your past circumstances; they were part of your life, but you will need to leave that past behind you. Here are some steps you should take to create and enact your new path to the future:

1. Speak with a Bankruptcy Specialist

If your new start begins with you being at financial rock bottom, you may decide to work with a bankruptcy attorney. When you file for bankruptcy, it will stop your creditors from demanding that you pay your bills. Taking time to care for your financial obligations will allow you to rebuild your life with a clean slate.

One of your options for bankruptcy support is called Chapter Seven bankruptcy. This type of declaration allows you to sell some of your assets and then use that money to pay off some of your debts. Your creditors will present your debts to a trustee that the court has appointed. The trustee will explain which assets you own that must be sold. Once you have done this, your remaining debts will then be eliminated.

Before you declare Chapter Seven, you must take a credit counseling course. This course will teach you how to live in a way that helps you wisely manage your finances. An alternative to Chapter Seven would be Chapter Thirteen, which will direct you to pay part or all of the debts you owe over the next three to five years. This type of bankruptcy will also require you to take a credit course.

2. Look into Your Social Security Benefits

If this new chapter of your life is happening because you are retiring from your job, you may need help to understand how social security law affects you. If you are applying for benefits, you must have worked and paid Social Security taxes on your wages for at least ten years. The Social Security Administration will have that information on file, and your application will be processed based on that information.

Your monthly benefits will be based on the amount you earned during your working years. You will be notified about which day of the month your benefits will be deposited. Contact a Social Security attorney for assistance if you need help with obtaining Social Security benefits.

After retirement, your financial circumstances may become radically changed. Taking time to care for yourself with reduced funds will be difficult, but by placing your necessities first, you will find a way to live under these new conditions. Contact your local senior citizens’ center, as they can help point you to programs that help with resources for food, housing, and medication costs. If you attend a church or synagogue, they may also be able to provide support or help with your needs.

3. Check on Your Roofing Status

If your new beginning has caused you to move to a new home, you may find that home will require some repairs. Taking time to care for your safety could mean enlisting the help of a team of roofers. You may wonder how to avoid a scam if you have never worked with a roofing company. According to a guide from the North Carolina DOJ, beware of a roofing company that asks for an exclusive contract.

If a roofer quotes you a price, check whether your homeowners’ insurance requires you to pay a copayment and whether they will do business with your chosen contractor. Speaking of insurance, you may not realize that your insurance premiums are likely to increase after a costly claim like a roof replacement.

Check the license of any roofing company and google their reputation online before signing a contract. You will want to do business with a company that is willing to do an annual roof inspection. When you work with a roofer, they should give you a warranty for their work and for their labor. Be sure you understand what your warranty covers and the duration of coverage for a parts warranty.

4. Remove Dangerous Trees on Your Property

If your property has trees, you may appreciate their beauty and be aware of how they add to your home’s curb appeal. However, there are times when trees must be removed from your property. According to Independent Tree, you should take action to remove a tree if it begins leaning. A tree that appears to be leaning could fall and endanger your home.

When you examine the roots of your tree, look for visible signs of decay. Trees can be irreparably damaged by fungus, so if you see signs of fungus on your tree’s trunk, it means it may be time to remove the tree. Fungus on trees appears as mushroom-shaped spores.

Taking time to care for the tree will include deciding whether it is possible to avoid its removal. Sometimes, trees can be saved by cabling, bracing, or pruning. A tree removal contractor will examine the tree and, when necessary, take action to remove it safely. After the tree is cut down, the tree contractor will be able to find a way to repurpose the wood or remove it to a safe place.

5. Ensure That You Have a Good Towing Company

Wherever you live, there may be times you will need to have your car towed. A good relationship with a garage with dependable towing services would be an invaluable asset. Ask your family or friends for recommendations on choosing a good towing service. If you call a towing service, you should get an estimate in advance.

Businesses with several vehicles would benefit from a contract with a towing service. Establishing an ongoing relationship with a towing service will help both companies. You can provide all your staff members with the contact number for the towing service so they can get a vehicle towed whenever they need this service.

Many companies want an official endorsement to see if the Better Business Bureau will list them. The BBB is an impartial rating service that tracks customer complaints. Its rating system is well-regarded because of its impartiality. If a business gets a positive rating from the BBB, you can conclude that it takes time to care for its customers.

6. Add a New Pool Patio

Perhaps this new chapter of your life will allow you to add features to your property, such as a swimming pool. Many homeowners decide to add a pool patio to enhance the enjoyment of their pools. These spaces typically display patio furniture for those who want to sit by the pool. To create these spaces, you will need to work with a pool patio contractor.

When planning the design of your pool patio, consider the size of your yard and how many pieces of furniture you will want to place on the patio. Taking time to care about your family’s recreational opportunities can encompass afternoons seated around the pool. According to Sunbrella, furniture used on a pool patio should be waterproof. To further enhance your enjoyment, you should be sure the contractors add patio umbrellas to the furniture on the patio.

Design experts recommend choosing a focal point to add an attractive feature to your pool patio layout. This could be a bold design for the furniture’s upholstery or a unifying feature like a fire pit. Another idea could be to use a colorful pattern of stones or tiles on the sidewalk around the patio.

7. Find Out About Computer Use Support

Many people making a new start will decide to upgrade their home computer systems. Because of this, you will need to use a responsive computer support system. Whether you download an app for a virus scan or need a service to troubleshoot connectivity problems, you will want to find a reliable service.

A hardware repair company is one type of computer repair service. Those companies will help clients whose outdated computers or modems need repair or replacement. If you need this help, you may need to bring your laptop to a repair shop. This type of repair will find them taking time to take care of your computer and to return it to its maximum level of use.

However, if your problem lies in your software or with a virus, there are some services you can request to fix your problem remotely. Unfortunately, some dishonest computer companies will exploit your personal information or identity. To find a trustworthy remote computer repair company, contact the customer service number listed in your insurance owner’s manual.

8. Train Your Dog

Some people who are rebuilding their lives live alone. They find companionship and unconditional love by getting a pet when that happens. As part of taking time to care for your pet, you may find it helpful to bring your dog to a dog training service. One of the most popular types of dog training is obedience training.

According to Alpha Paws, obedience training can be helpful for every dog since it helps them learn basic manners for their everyday activities. Some obedience training will also help you deal with issues with socializing with your dog. Your dog will learn to respond to simple commands such as “sit,” “stay,” and “no!” These courses may be available through your local pet store, or your vet may be able to help you find one.

Your dog may need behavioral training if it has bad habits (such as biting or excessive barking). These courses can help your dog learn more positive behavioral patterns. Tracking training will be needed if you plan to use your dog to hunt with you. Most forms of dog training will also increase the bond between the dog and its owner.

9. Make Arrangements for Your Future

Your life may be facing a new beginning, but everyone should make practical plans for their future. You will want your family to be clear about what kind of arrangements you will want to make for when you pass away. You may wish to consult an estate planner to help you make your financial bequests clear. These professionals will help you write a will and designate someone responsible for administering your estate.

Your family will also want to know whether you prefer to be buried or cremated. Many people prefer cremation. If you do, you can contact a cremation service professional in advance, taking time to care for your family by prepaying the cremation fee. According to Ever Loved, cremation has begun to gain popularity because it costs less than traditional burial.

After the cremation, your family will receive your ashes. They can then choose to place them in an urn or have them made into cremation jewelry. Some families may get permission to scatter their ashes in a place that is meaningful to them.

10. Take Care of Your Health

No matter where your new life finds you, you should take this opportunity to begin or continue practices that will help you become or stay healthy. For example, start a diet with lean proteins, whole grains, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. If you have mental health challenges, you should contact a counselor or member of the clergy for emotional support. Taking time to care for yourself will also mean balancing moderate exercise with getting enough rest.

Another area of necessary self-care is caring for your teeth and gums. Most people remember daily brushing and flossing. It’s also essential to keep your annual appointments at dental offices and follow the dentists’ directions.

As you can see, there will be many things you can do with your new chance at life. You don’t have to do it all at once – and you don’t have to do it by yourself. Choose some of these things that are your priority and begin to implement them. By putting these new practices into your life one step at a time, you will soon be able to look at your new life positively.

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