Adjustable Beds Have Come a Long Way

Adjustable beds for the elderly

The benefits of adjustable beds are many, but did you know how they evolved? There’s evidence that primitive forms of adjustable beds existed as early as the 1700’s. The three piece adjustable base that gets used in today’s models was pioneered by a man named Dr. Willis Gatch in the early part of the Twentieth Century and soon became what most people think of as hospital beds. Gatch’s invention took healthcare by storm in it’s inherent ability to promote increases in circulation and levels of oxygen, post-surgery.
During the mid to later 1900’s, a number of manufacturers cropped up with the idea of bringing the adjustable bed out of the hospital and into the home. It was a hard sell at first, mainly because people associated the concept of an adjustable bed with someone that is sick. Now we know that they’re actually perfectly reasonable choices for people that are in excellent health and are looking for ways to improve their quality of life and/or extend their good health.
The key therapeutic benefits to using beds with adjustable bases are as follows<

  • Alleviation of recurrent or chronic back pain
  • Reduction of persistent swelling
  • Increased circulation
  • Reduction in severity of acid reflux
  • Accelerated post-surgical healing
  • Freer breathing
    None of this information is new, but it always bears repeating since consumers are often skeptical. Really, though, there’s no secret here: the “Fowler’s Position,” which is when the upper torso is elevated between 45 and 60 degrees, is a known medical term for an angle that facilitates easier breathing and can help healing after giving birth or surgery. Similarly, the “Zero Gravity Position,” where the head is only slightly elevated but the feet are above the level of the heart, is known to improve circulation and relieve back pain.
    Beyond this, there are numerous comfort benefits of adjustable beds – it needn’t all be medical:

  • Massage capability
  • Convenience and luxury
  • Customization on either side for couples (on split models)
  • A more intense relaxation experience
  • Multiple raised upper torso options for reading, watching TV or having a snack
    The idea that adjustable beds are somehow a symptom of illness still exists, but it’s really quite silly. The bottom line is that these beds are good for you, they promote better sleep, better health and make your bed into somewhat of a luxury appliance. Let other people think what they want while you enjoy the many benefits of adjustable beds. Show all your friends and coworkers how to get a better night sleep.

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