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Accepting Divorce and How to Bounce Back

Divorce.com informs us that the US has the sixth-highest divorce rate in the entire world, with 40%-50% of marriages ending in separation. This mind-blowing statistic reminds us of just how common divorce can be and how we shouldn’t feel ashamed of stepping away from a marriage that no longer suits our lifestyles or needs. Despite this, the majority of divorcees will ultimately feel devastated about the end of their marriage and will continue to struggle with immense levels of grief. But, there are a variety of resources available to help you overcome these feelings and get your life back on track. Thus, this article will offer you a range of tips and tricks to help you cope with accepting divorce.

7 Effective Ways to Help You Get Over Your Divorce

1. Hire the Best Lawyers

Divorce doesn’t just concern the separation of two beings, but also focuses on the division of certain assets and funds. Even if you and your ex-spouse get on like a house on fire, it’s still important that you work on accepting divorce and recruit a series of acclaimed defense lawyers to help support your case in court. Not only do these lawyers ensure that their client can argue their cases, but they also strive to organize all the relevant paperwork so that the process can be completed swiftly and smoothly. If you have children with your ex-partner, they can also defend your case for full custody, ensuring that your kids are kept in safe hands throughout this immensely difficult journey. Although these layers are usually associated with criminal cases, they can also support divorcees who have been victims of various different types of abuse. This is particularly beneficial for those who have suffered the consequences of financial abuse and are eager to protect their assets, whilst also working to adequately punish their perpetrator. HG Legal Resource states that a defense lawyer typically charges $2,500 to $8,000 for misdemeanor cases, making them a very costly investment for most divorcees. Yet, a defense lawyer can be seen as a vital asset for those looking to receive justice as well as compensation at the end of this process. In addition, lawyers can also act as keen mediators throughout each session, ensuring that tension is kept at a minimal level and that both parties can come to a resolution without having to constantly butt heads.

2. Cleanout Belongings

You may have created a wealth of cherished family memories in your shared home, but when it comes to accepting divorce, you need to let go of this sort of sentiment as soon as possible. Although it can be tempting to keep on running back and forth to your previous home as a way to keep seeing your ex-spouse, this is only going to hurt you in the long run. As such, you may be better off hiring a house cleanout company to help gather your belongings in one trip. Plus, these services are also useful for those who have felt too depressed to upkeep a regular maintenance routine and have let their house fall into complete disarray. In turn, these contractors can help to conduct a comprehensive spring cleaning session, helping to give your much-loved home a new lease on life. The price of these services can differ greatly depending on the size of your home as well as the extent of the mess. Yet, Fast Maid Cleaning Services states that a standard deep cleaning practice, which includes dusting lamps, cleaning underneath furniture, and emptying out the refrigerator, costs an average of $200. Thus, for just a few hundred dollars, you can revitalize your home and create a safe space for you and your family to enjoy. In addition, these services are also useful for those looking to sell their properties and want to get them in the best condition possible before they release them for viewing.

3. Hire a Moving Service

Accepting divorce is associated with many highs and lows. Whilst you may have to move out of your previous family home, you may also get the chance to move into a brand-new place, allowing you to create a wealth of new memories and traditions. Yet, moving is often considered to be a very stressful experience, so it’s imperative that you get all the help you can get. In order to make the moving process as easy as possible, consider hiring an expert moving service. Usually, these services will help you pack all of your belongings and load them onto a vast truck. Then, they will transport all of your goods to your new property, meaning that you can rest assured that you can start styling your new home straight away. However, it should be mentioned that every moving service offers a range of different packages and operations, thus you’re encouraged to conduct some detailed research beforehand so that you can select the best moving company for you and your loved ones. The cost of moving home depends on the amount of belongings you have as well as the size of your new property, but Move states that a full service usually costs an average of $9,060. Although this may seem like a very exuberant cost, this is a key part of accepting divorce. Investing in your future property not only ensures that you can enjoy your new sanctuary but also encourages you to become more trusting and able to accept help from outside sources.

4. What To Do With the Ring

A wedding ring holds a lot of symbolism and sentiment, but once that bond has been broken, its meaning is often tarnished. But, these rings are also very expensive, so it’s vital that you do the right thing for both you and your partner as well as your finances. The Diamond Pro notes that couples typically spend anywhere between $5,000 to over $7,500 on standard diamond engagement rings, making them a very lucrative piece of jewelry. Therefore, it’s good practice to consult your ex-partner on whether they would like the ring to be returned, especially if it was previously seen as a treasured family heirloom. However, if you and your spouse are no longer on speaking terms, and you don’t want to keep the ring for yourself, consider selling it online on platforms like eBay or taking it to your local pawn shop. Though it may seem heartless to sell your wedding or engagement ring after so long, it can be great for accepting divorce. By removing this item from your daily life, you can focus on your own interests and needs, working to break the bond with your previous spouse.

5. Spend Time Relaxing

Getting divorced can be one of the most stressful events you’ll ever experience, and accepting a divorce can be even worse. In turn, it’s so important that you make time to relax and unwind throughout this tumultuous journey. Even a simple trip to the local spa can work wonders in relieving some tension, especially if you decide to indulge in a soothing massage or facial treatment. Admittedly, some of these experiences can seem like a very costly luxury for some divorcees, but they can be just what you need to help you handle these difficult times. Some spas even offer residential stays, which is ideal for those who want to take a break from their usual residence and take the time to detach from the stressors of normal life. Virginia King Spa highlights that it can cost around $50-$100 to visit a spa, so this might be an experience to add to your birthday wish list if you cannot justify spending this amount of money on yourself. Therefore, those around you could purchase a wealth of spa treatments on your behalf to help you kickstart your self-care routine and move closer toward accepting divorce.

Stress and anxiety can lead to an immense number of detrimental health conditions, some of which cannot be healed by a quick trip to the spa. If you’ve been experiencing bouts of chronic back pain, you may benefit from visiting an experienced chiropractor. These medical professionals tend to focus on the nuances of the spine, using their hands and a selection of tools to help straighten these joints and restore them back to normality. Since these services are typically seen as medical and essential, many chiropractor clinics accept health insurance. Kanjo explains that the average cost for these services is $165, but without insurance, this price shoots up to $100-$150. As such, if you’re choosing to see your divorce as a chance to work more on yourself, a trip to a chiropractor can help you resolve a series of physical ailments, setting you up for a better-accepting divorce.

6. Cosmetic Surgery

There’s no denying that divorce can leave us feeling a little insecure and dejected. Although over time these feelings are likely to fade away, you may also benefit from undergoing some minor cosmetic surgery to help improve your physical appearance. Though these procedures are quite controversial, they are also praised for their ability to boost patients’ self-esteem and better their quality of life. A local med spa can usually carry out minor services such as botox and filler, but if you’re eager to undergo more intense procedures such as a facelift or breast implants, it’s best that you work alongside an acclaimed plastic surgeon. It should be mentioned that, because a majority of these services are viewed as purely cosmetic, a lot of clinics don’t accept health insurance and require patients to pay out of pocket. Each of these services comes with its own unique price tag as patients are expected to pay not only for the procedure but for the surgeon’s time and materials. However, Westlake Dermatology notes that a breast augmentation tends to cost $6,525, whereas a tummy tuck is priced at $8,275. In turn, this may seem like a very excessive cost for most divorcees, but it can help certain people feel better about themselves and help them become more equipped to accepting divorce.

7. Go Back to School

Although most people couldn’t think of anything worse than going back to school, it can help many divorcees improve their lives and give them access to an abundance of lucrative opportunities. Not only will this education give them the chance to move into a range of bustling careers, but it will also allow them to work on accepting divorce in the long term. Contrary to popular belief, divorcees don’t have to strive to earn a Ph.D. in order to become successful in their respective industries. Instead, they could move into institutions like a cosmetology school to help them develop a new collection of passions and hobbies. During this experience, you will learn a range of highly sought-after skills, including hair styling, nail services, and makeup artistry. In turn, these schools allow divorcees to gain a lot more confidence in their abilities and also encourage them to interact with a wealth of like-minded individuals. Despite their benefits, these schools are often associated with high tuition costs, so you may be forced to dip into your savings in order to be able to afford the full course. Milady notes that the average cosmetology school costs $14,480, which seems expensive but is actually a lot cheaper than a standard college degree, which typically costs $63,780 for a normal four-year diploma. In turn, this may actually be a more cost-effective option for those looking to expand their horizons and try something new during their divorce.

Divorce is one of life’s biggest struggles and leaves many people feeling lost and defeated at every turn. Not only does this process impact the spouses, but it can also greatly affect their children, often meaning that the whole family is forced to experience a whirlwind of emotions. All of these feelings can leave us in a state of distress, meaning that we often reject the idea of accepting divorce and continue to stay in the same state mentally and physically. Yet, by using the advice and guidance offered in this article, you can work toward rebuilding your life and focusing on the small things that make you happy.

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