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10 Activities to Bond With Your Child After a Divorce

Going through a divorce is hard for any family. It can especially be hard on the children, even if they’re not verbalizing it. As a parent, you may worry about how it’s affecting your children and what you can do to help them. Stay as close as you can to your children and monitor changes in behavior. Don’t be afraid to talk to them and do more things with them. Now that summer is here, it’s a chance to conduct many activities to bond with your child during this tough time.

1. Have a Barbecue

Even if you’re not a meat eater, who doesn’t enjoy a good BBQ party? If you’re looking for activities to bond with your child outside, a BBQ is a great way to start. With summer here, now is the perfect time to fire up the grill in the backyard or nearby park. Even if your child is a picky eater, you’re bound to find something you can throw on the grill to please them. Is your child or someone else in the family not crazy about meat? Consider some vegan substitutes like Beyond Meat or have fun with grilled peppers and asparagus. If your child likes fruit, why not serve up popular grilled fruit like pineapple and watermelon?

Get the best meat or seafood by going right to the butcher or waterfront in the morning. Find a good recipe for some chicken burgers and throw them on. When you’re doing your grocery shopping for a BBQ, make things easy by letting your child pick out some things they’ll like.

Before you even start grilling, take the time to show your child how you make your special BBQ sauce. Let them help you mix it up step by step. There are multiple different types of grilling options you can consider. You may need to either invest in propane, charcoal, or wood chips, depending on your preference.

2. Go to the Salon

As you go through a divorce, you may be a little depressed. However, when you look better, you feel better, and there is no better way to look good than by keeping your hair on point. There’s nothing like mother and daughter time at the salon. Maybe you can both get a trim and change some color. Fathers and sons can always go to the barbershop for the same reason.

Most salons today often have cosmetology services for both men and women. So whether fathers want to go out with daughters or mothers want to go out with sons, you’re bound to find something that can please everyone. Spa activities to bond with your child can include pedicures, manicures, and facials. Some salons even offer discounts for child manicures and pedicures.

3. Go Antiquing

Activities to bond with your child can involve some history lessons. A fun way to go about this is to go antiquing. For many children, the idea of going treasure hunting is very popular. That’s why films such as the Indiana Jones series and adventure-themed board games never lose their popularity. Start by checking out your local pawn shop together one Saturday or take the RV on a road trip to seek out different antique shops. You both can have a fun time trying to collect antique items that have special meaning.

There are many reasons why antiquing is a great activity to do with your child. Finding antiques is a great way to connect with the past. For some people, finding certain items can remind them of their childhood or relatives. Imagine the stories that you could share with your child if you find something in a pawn shop or antique store that you can directly talk about from your childhood.

For example, for people who grew up in the 1980s, getting a Sony Walkman was a big deal. Today’s kids now have lightning-fast smartphones to listen to music. Something as simple as showing your child how a Sony Walkman works or eight-track tapes can bring you back to your childhood while also bonding with them.

4. Spend Time With Pets

Some of the best activities to bond with your child can involve animals. According to Forbes, over 65 million American households have a dog and over 46 million have a cat. If your household has one of those pets, it’s a good time to take them along for some bonding time with your child. You can all go to the dog park and watch your pup run around and have a puppy play date. You can also make puppy bath time fun. You and your child can set up a dog wash station in your backyard and make sure your canine gets as clean as possible.

Whether you have a dog or a cat, your furry friends usually love toys. So why not go on a pet toy shopping spree at your local pet store and let your child pick out something special for them? But what if you don’t have any pets? Take the time to go to your local pet shop and look at the cute little fur babies that are available. Some places may even have Pet Adoption Day, where you can adopt a pet right then and there. Now may be a good time for you and your little one to pick out a pet that you can take home.

5. Go Boating

Imagine going sailing for a day or taking an extended trip with your child. According to Psychology Today, people often feel calmer and more relaxed just by looking at the water. So if you live anywhere near a lake, river, or the ocean, check into local used boat sales for a good deal.

In addition to enjoying being on the water, there are water-based activities to bond with your child while you’re in the boat. If you have a fishing rod, now’s a perfect time to teach your child how to catch a fish. Knowing how to fish is a great way to learn self-sufficiency, as fish is one of the healthiest things to eat. Mastering the art of fishing can provide anyone, whether they’re an adult or child, with a sense of accomplishment.

Family time is an excuse to be outside, outdoors, and on the water. Plus, as children grow, they need to learn various life lessons, such as patience; let’s face it, when you’re trying to catch a fish, you have to be patient. It’s also a great way to relax, unwind, and not get caught up with the hustle and bustle of city life all the time.

6. Make T Shirts

It’s no surprise that T shirts are just as popular as ever. Thanks to the custom T shirt industry, it’s easy now for businesses and individuals to have T shirts made to their liking. Does your child have a favorite slogan? Why not put it on some shirts? How about one of their drawings? You and your child can get matching T shirts made with a drawing that your child made. It’s a great way to show pride and some of their work and also brag about them.

Did you know the custom T shirt business makes billions of dollars annually? As you can see, it’s a very lucrative business to be a part of. Who knows, maybe this bonding time might lead to a creative hobby or future business opportunity for your child. The great thing about making custom items is that people can also make custom bags, hats, and other items. So if you want activities to bond with your child that can encourage their creativity as well as make them think about a future side hustle, working together on custom items is a great way to start.

7. Go Golfing

Not everyone can be Tiger Woods on the golf course, but that shouldn’t stop you from giving it a try. Golfing is a fun activity that many Americans of all levels enjoy. As many as a third of the American population either plays golf, reads about it, listens to a related podcast, or follows the sport on TV or online. You may want to bring a friend or some other family members along to fill up some golf carts and try your luck at the local golf course.

If you don’t think your child would be interested in golf, why not go for a mini-golf outing? Mini-golf is considered more accessible and fun as it only focuses on the putting aspect of the original golf game. Based on how the game is played, people of all ages and levels can easily participate. It’s a relaxing way for family and friends to spend time together. When looking for activities to bond with your child that’ll also increase their life skills, mini-golf is a great option. According to Top Golf, playing the sport can help increase hand-eye coordination, strategic thinking, and cognitive function. These are all things that can benefit your child throughout school and life.

8. Have a Bonfire

There’s nothing like sitting around an open fire toasting marshmallows and telling stories. If you think that is something you can only do when you’re out camping in the woods, think again. If you have a backyard, you can have a bonfire right on your property. You can even install a fire pit right on your patio. Check for deals from your local firewood supplier to get the best wood available. Do you and your child enjoy time at the beach? After you’ve taken a few laps in the ocean, round out the day with a bonfire in the sand.

9. Go Hunting

When looking for more activities to bond with your child while teaching them life skills, consider hunting. According to Survival Hunting Tips, hunting is a great way to contribute to your community by providing homeless and hungry people with meat that you donate from your catch. Remember, hunting requirements can change based on the area you’re in. Learn about the specific hunting season in your area and limits on how much you can hunt at one time.

You and your child can enjoy a range of hunting, ranging from small game to waterfowl to big game. Knowing the type of hunting that’s best for you will also determine how much you have to spend on the right gear and equipment. If you don’t have experience at the hunting lodge, join a local group along with your child and learn about it from experts in your community.

10. Do Some Gardening

According to reports, tomatoes are the most popular vegetable that people grow in their home gardens. By introducing your child to gardening, you’ll show them the value of growing their food. You can teach them about the nutritional value of everything you grow. Just make sure your efforts don’t go to waste. Find a good mulch supplier to keep the soil moist and prevent weeds.

The great thing about gardening is that it takes time. So, as you show your child how to do it, they can tend to their plants and watch them grow over time. They’ll learn about seedlings, fertilizing, proper hydration, and harvesting. When it’s time to harvest the vegetables, you and your child can bond even more as you prepare healthy recipes together. Don’t forget to take photos of their hard work to brag about.

It can take time for you and your child to recover from a divorce. Your child’s age and maturity can also play a big factor in how well things go. Whether you decide to do some gardening, golfing, hunting, or fishing, the list of fun activities to bond with your child over after a divorce is nearly endless. Don’t expect things to get better overnight, but, with time and patience, your family can heal and move forward. Hopefully, this guide will help you and your child do so.

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