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How To Choose Your Infants Daycare

New parents know, an incredibly difficult part of going back to work is finding a daycare that you trust and that you’re comfortable leaving your baby with. You’ve heard dozens of horror stories about people who left their child with the wrong daycare provider, and you’re worried something like that might happen to your child. Thankfully, there are helpful tips out there for new parents.

These tips are evidence-based, so there’s real proof behind them. The key is to vet your future daycare providers.

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The first thing you can ask a potential daycare is what their turnover rate is. This is a great indicator of how happy their current and past clients were with the service that daycare provides. The truth is, no one will let their baby stay at daycare they’re not comfortable with, so a low turnover rate is very important. You’ll also want to ask about the turnover rate for staff. You want to make sure that the same people are caring for your child from day to day.

Take the time to watch the rest of this video for the rest of the tips. Take all of the tips to heart and take notes if you want to! That way, you can make sure you don’t forget any of these tips when it’s time to find a daycare.


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