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How Family Law Mediators Settle Divorces

In the attached video, the reporter provides an overview of the role of family law mediators in divorce cases. With extensive experience in mediation, coaching, and law, she breaks down the mediator’s responsibilities into three key areas. Initially, the reporter emphasizes the importance of identifying essential issues crucial for a comprehensive settlement agreement. She aims to keep discussions focused on aspects critical for a court’s judgment, steering away from emotional aspects typically outside a judge’s purview.

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Next, the reporter stresses the significance of information sharing during mediation. This involves ensuring both parties understand the legal implications, potential court outcomes, and financial impacts of settlement choices. Her goal is to empower informed decision-making, and she highlights some feasible solutions within legal boundaries. Lastly, the reporter goes into how the mediator’s role becomes like a referee in discussions, maintaining a conducive environment for all parties involved. Acknowledging the sensitive nature of topics like custody and finances, she strives to ensure a calm atmosphere to facilitate effective mediation for all parties.

However, the reporter also outlines the limitations of mediators, clarifying they cannot finalize divorce documents or conduct extensive financial investigations (discovery). Ultimately the goal of the mediator is to assist in drafting settlement agreements or providing memos for attorneys to formalize, aiming to guide parties through the mediation process effectively.

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