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What to Expect at Divorce Mediation

In the presented video, an attorney discusses the topic of divorce mediation, addressing common questions from clients. The attorney emphasizes that mediation is a widely used method, with 98% of divorce cases being resolved out of court. The key focus is on understanding the mediation process and its role in facilitating settlements to avoid trials.

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The attorney points out that mediation may not apply to every divorce case; it depends on the level of agreement between the two parties. The initial stages of a divorce case, including filing, responding, and exchanging financial information, are outlined. The importance of early evaluation of agreements and disagreements is stressed, with mediation being recommended when resolution appears challenging but feasible.

Moreover, the attorney provides insights into preparing for mediation, advising on gathering financial information, valuing assets, and clarifying points of contention. The role of a mediator is explained, emphasizing their function in narrowing down issues, exploring potential solutions, and fostering communication between the two parties. The attorney also underscores the mediator’s non-authoritative role, as they guide rather than make decisions. In summary, the attorney offers valuable information on mediation, its significance in settling cases, and steps for preparation. The attorney provides practical advice, highlighting the potential benefits of mediation in achieving a satisfactory resolution for both parties without resorting to a trial.

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