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Revamp the House After Divorce With These Tips

If you’ve just finished separating from your ex-spouse, you need to consider renovating your space. Choosing to revamp the house can be the breath of fresh air you’ve needed since you decided to divorce, as it’s your chance to pick exactly what you want and do everything you couldn’t before. You’ll need some ideas to have the perfect home, so let’s find out these great tips so you can remove all the bad energy and finally feel at home!

Finish Your Basement

Most homeowners forget about their basement and turn it into a storage room no one ever enters unless necessary. However, it’s time to consider changing that because you must take advantage of that big chunk of space in your house. Finishing that area with the help of a basement remodeling service will open up many opportunities. You can also increase your resale value if you’re considering putting your house on the market, as many divorcees do.

You might not be convinced yet about this matter, especially if you don’t have a big budget to spend down there, but you won’t regret this kind of investment. You just need to visualize several options. You could have a second living room in the basement, a space reserved for family bonding, such as movie nights and playtime.

You can be a little messier and more relaxed because it’s a more private situation. The living room upstairs could become an entertainment area for guests during parties and holidays. However, that’s just one option. If you love wine, add a cellar like the ones in the movies. If you have musical tendencies, it could be a soundproof room.

Some homeowners have even added an indoor pool in their basements. That might be as attractive as other choices, but it’s another option. A basement could become a separate apartment if you add a kitchen and bathroom. You could rent it to add extra income to your household. However, it could also be an in-law suite when a parent has to move in. It’s the perfect way to revamp the house.

Fix the Essentials

To revamp the house, you need to fix what’s already there, as some things might not be doing so well after years of use. For example, bathroom fixtures and even your AC might be faulty. Therefore, you need to call a plumber to inspect your house. Depending on what they suggest, you might need a remodel, which is another chance to upgrade your living situation.

Furthermore, you should already have an HVAC company on your contact list and schedule regular maintenance work with them. The setup in your home won’t last forever without proper care, and you can’t revamp the house without ensuring that everything essential is working to its maximum potential. You must think about your family’s needs first and get what you want later.

When you’re done with fixtures and HVAC, you need to check every other vital part of your home. Make a monthly maintenance checklist where you add all the little matters most people forget—for example, cleaning your furnace filter and all air vents. Dust gets everywhere, and if the filter is doing its job, it will get full eventually.

Another great idea is to check your smoke alarms, monoxide detectors, and other safety systems. It’s hard to predict an emergency, and you can’t revamp the house without thinking about protecting your loved ones. You should also consider the small things that are ignored because they won’t cause dangerous situations at some point.

Cleaning your garbage disposal is only a priority for most people if it’s malfunctioning or there’s a stinky smell. Fortunately, you can clean it quickly by crushing ice and pouring hot water and baking soda down the drain afterward. If there’s a deeper clog, check with your plumber. That’s just one example.

Upgrade the Kitchen

Another way to revamp the house is by upgrading the kitchen. Some people put it off because they believe it wastes time and money. However, changing to better appliances, adding new cabinets, and even a fresh coat of paint can significantly improve things, especially after a difficult divorce. This space holds tons of memories aside from being practical. Renewing it can be just as cathartic as changing your hair color.

Adding vinyl flooring to your kitchen is a great way to start your upgrade. Don’t underestimate how important floors can be in a kitchen. It can turn a traditional, vintage look into a modern sensation. Additionally, vinyl is easier to clean and maintain than other options. Another upgrade could be changing the metal items.

At some point, metal became popular for drawer pulls and light fixtures. However, new and stylish materials might be better suited to the unique person you are after a separation. Even changing the handles on your cabinet drawers can significantly impact the final outlook. Therefore, you must consider stainless steel, brushed gold, copper, etc.

You also need to think about your appliances. You can even sell your old ones online if they’re still working. Newer devices are better, not just for appearances. Technology has advanced to make things safer and energy-efficient. Many new products make your life much easier thanks to special functions. Additionally, old models could have wiring issues that could harm your family. It’s best to be safe. Your fresh start needs to be smart.

Update the Exterior

Once you’ve taken care of the essentials, it’s time to look outside and check out what your house might need that most people overlook. Adding a fresh coat of paint is always a good idea, but look further. You might have siding problems, which siding contractors could quickly fix. Afterward, you need to check out the roof.

It’s one of the most overlooked parts of any house, and there’s a big chance you’ll need roof repair. It would be best to start fixing the big problems, such as leaks, holes, rotten wood, broken shingles, peeling paint, and more. Once that’s done, you can focus on minor things, such as repainting your old doors and window shutters. Also, check the state of your driveway and gutters because they might have tiny imperfections, bringing down your home value.

Once you’ve resolved the imperfections, you can focus on bringing new life to these areas. You can add lighting fixtures to finally have a bright front or back porch where people can gather. Adding decorations will also change the game. Now that you’re divorced, you can choose what to do, and relaxing with a good book on the porch is a fantastic way to find peace.

However, choose durable outdoor furniture you don’t have to maintain too much. You want to avoid adding another chore or headache to this new part of your life. When you want to revamp the house, you must consider all your long-term options. You don’t want things that will bring you temporary satisfaction.

Improve Your Bathroom

Couples get used to each other’s bathroom routines, but sometimes, it’s daunting to learn how others handle their hygiene. Therefore, you won’t regret improving your bathroom after a divorce. It’s one of the areas in a home that most people remodel more, especially if you’ve dreamed of having a tub, vanity, spa area, walk in shower, etc. Those desires weren’t practical before, but it’s time to add them now.

An excellent way to revamp the house in terms of bathrooms is to change the taps for more modern options. You don’t have to change the entire bathtub or sink to give your area a new look. You can modernize things by changing the small details, and it’s better to save money if everything you have already works properly.

Another good idea is to change the bath towels. You can even pick a theme for the entire bathroom and stick to it. Add candles, potpourri, knickknacks (unless you’re going for a minimalist look), and everything else that’ll make you happy. You don’t have to worry about anyone else. After a divorce, you get to be selfish regarding your house and personal bathroom.

If you have children, consider adding things to make your job easier during bathtime. The family bathroom could have more amenities, and you might want to consider handles, a shower, a seat, and other options that’ll make it more accessible. You can even add storage with stylish cabinets if it’s big enough. It’ll make things easier and more organized.

Add Outdoor Spaces

While considering your exterior, looking at your yard is essential. Gardening is not enough. You might have yet to think of adding a living area outside because your life was busier before your divorce. However, your brand-new start could include hosting more parties, BBQs, game nights, etc. Therefore, adding an outdoor space where people can enjoy themselves is a good idea.

Many homeowners dream of getting a Jacuzzi at some point, so you should call a hot tub installer to get some quotes. It might not be as expensive as you imagine. Meanwhile, if you have a pool already, you could benefit from hiring a pool maintenance company, as some people need to remember that it needs regular care.

You should also consider adding other living areas if you have the space—an outdoor dining table, a fire pit, a grill, etc. You can choose whatever you desire, but making them cozy is important. Include textiles, rugs that won’t get wet in the rain, and more. Make your exterior a part of your daily life, as being outside in your new areas can be exactly what you’ve been missing since you were married.

Once you’ve decided what kind of living space you’ll add, you must include the essentials. Good lighting is vital to accommodate your guests or to read, but also consider other issues. Being outside presents some weather considerations, so space heaters might be in order or fans if the weather is too hot. In those cases, parasols will also come in handy if your gathering is in the daytime.

You also need to think about mosquitoes, depending on where you live. A good option against them is Citronella and having some candles surrounding that outdoor living space will set the mood and prevent annoying pests from harming your friends and loved ones.

Don’t Forget Landscaping

If you’re going to spend more time outside, you’ll need meticulous landscaping. No matter what furniture or hot tub you pick, this space will only look good if you have arranged your garden correctly. Therefore, call a tree service company or landscaper for quotes. It’s time to get the yard you’ve always wanted with the particular designs you have on your Pinterest board. Revamp the house with all the ideas you’ve only dreamed of in the past.

You can add stone walkways to your fire pit. You can surround your house with the hedges and flowers you’ve always wanted and finally look out of your window and feel proud. Part of having free time as a divorcee is doing things you haven’t cared for in a while.

A beautiful garden will also increase your property value, and you should set up regular maintenance days with your local landscaper so you won’t have to worry about it later. Having your lawn at the proper height and your bushes in pristine shape can help you avoid pesky HOA fees and ease your mind.

Try to grow plants that thrive in your area, so you won’t be disappointed if something doesn’t take root. Furthermore, adding native flora to your home will make things look organic, practical, and appealing to future house buyers. Some indigenous plants don’t need that much maintenance or watering, so you won’t have to worry about them so often.

You’ll feel refreshed whether you follow all these tips or pick the few you think are important. Remember that you must leave the past behind, including all the things you hated and couldn’t change about your living areas. It’s time to revamp the house, so call your local contractors to begin your journey today!

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