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Four Tips for Enjoying Your Outdoor Fireplace

While summer is coming to a close, and winter will be creeping up on us before we know it, you don’t have to sacrifice any beloved outdoor time. An outdoor fireplace gives you the option to enjoy the outdoors, despite the cold weather. Around 75% of Americans claim that being able to enjoy time in their yards is important to them. Over half of homeowners are hoping to add more outdoor spaces to their house in hopes of being outside more than six hours every week.

One possible addition is outdoor fireplaces. With a fireplace, there are four tips that can make owning one more enjoyable.

Put Safety First

When it comes to an outdoor fireplace, are any other type of outdoor living spaces, safety should always come first. There are guidelines to keep in mind, such as how high the chimney should be. If you plan on including an outdoor kitchen or living room with your fireplace area, you should remember that when making safety plans.

Be Creative

You can make your outdoor fireplace with almost any kind of material imaginable. There’s stone, brick, and numerous more options to choose from. On top of that, you have to decide if you want to use gas or wood in the fireplace. While these options leave room for creativity, it can also be overwhelming. Some people decide to turn to a contracting company to help make these choices.

Think About A Fire Pit

If having a campfire aesthetic is what is drawing you to an outdoor fireplace, a fire pit might actually be the best option. They can be more cost-effective, and still, leave room for large gatherings. While fire pits do have their advantages, they are not as intimate of an option as fireplaces. Outdoor living spaces can be designed around your fireplace, creating a more cozy setting.

Make It Feel Like Home

One benefit of having an outdoor fireplace is that you can make it feel as much like home as you would like. On top of the fireplace, you can have an outdoor living room, kitchen, and more. These aspects, including the furniture you get, can add to an overall homey and cozy feeling.

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