Cotton towels,Tunisian fouta What Kind of Towels Does Your Family Like to Use?

What Kind of Towels Does Your Family Like to Use?

The photo of the three hanging fouta beach towels provided the inspiration for the new decorating in your guest bedroom. After living in your house for 22 years, the room really needed some updating and you and your older daughter took so many fabulous photos on your family’s trip to Greece this summer you really wanted to feature those. After three months of featuring the photo of those three fouta beach towels on your social media homepage, you became accustomed to looking at them hanging on the clothes line outside of the beach house that you rented. So accustomed, in fact, that those colors must have prompted you to purchase the new comforter set.

That set included some bright orange and yellow patterns and also included three vibrantly colored throw pillows. Once you had all of the pieces in place in the room you realized just how great your foot towel would look in the room. Folded in half and used as a throw on the hope chest in the room, the effect was fantastic. Once the rest of the room had been updated, however you realized that the artwork on the wall needed updating as well. When a coupon for a large canvas print showed up in your email you decided to use it to order the social media phots. The result is spectacular. Directly across the room from the orange and yellow striped fouta towel, the effect is powerful. The bookend images also serve as a percent invitation for other brightly colored prints of the flower photos that both you and your daughter took. Mixing in a sunset photo and a shoot of a brightly colored orange door next to a white washed building and the whole room just blends.

Vacation Photos Make Perfect Inspiration for Decorating Any Room in Your House

If your family has a favorite vacation spot that they return to again and again, or if they have had a once in a lifetime trip to celebrate an anniversary or other event, it is fun to find a way to relive and continue to celebrate those memories. Instead of simply shoring those photos in an album, or worse yet, merely keeping them on your phone, why not use some of those colorful images to bring new life to a space in your home?
Although many of us in America think about simple white cotton when we think of towels. There are other places in the country where, for instance, a group of fouta beach towels is mention of a thin towel that is quick to dry and can serve a double purpose as a sarong. In places where it is hot, and often humid, it is important to have thinner towels that will dry quickly so they can be reused several times within the same day at the beach.

Fouta towels are traditionally crafted from linen or 100% cotton, and as an added detail they often feature delicate fringed ends. These towels, because of the kind of material they are made from, come in a very vibrant range of colors. So many colors, in fact, that they likely come in a color that will match any kind of space. Among other uses, fouta towels were worn, by both women and men, wrapped around the body while at the public baths in Syria during the 19th-century. Nearly 60 million people in the U.S. visited beaches in 2010, according to the US Census Bureau, so it should come as no surprise that buying towels is a common practice.

The invention of the towel is commonly associated with the city of Bursa, Turkey, as far back as the 17th century, but they remain an important part of today’s suety as well. From the use of towels for everyday bathing to the use of much larger, and often more brightly colored, towels on the beach, they play an important part of our lives.

Whether you are using fouta beach towels to stay warm during an evening on the beach or you are using them as a decorator inspiration in a bedroom back home, they provide a lot of color to any space.

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