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When You Want a Custom Home Built

Americans who don’t rent their living space own a house, and many millions of homeowners can be found across the nation today, of all ages and levels of income. Although homeowners tend to be middle aged to older adults, more and more young adults are entering the real estate market for the first primarily the Millennials. These young adults, born from 1982 to 1995 or so, are now old enough and working enough jobs to afford high end purchases such as cars and houses. This means that the real estate market is rapidly adjusting to the preferences and spending power of these Millennials, who are a growing minority among homeowners. This diverse generation is looking for properties in suburbs across the nation, but most often, they are looking for existing properties.

The Baby Boomers, often the parents of those Millenials, have the option not only to buy a n existing home, but choose to have custom homes built for them. This is just what it sounds like; custom homes are built on request, and a client will hire home builders to start construction of those properties as desired. New construction homes may be unique in their design this way, and will of course have the square footage, room types, and layout that the client wants. Sometimes these properties may be sold later, and home buyers may look for these custom homes for sale in particular. In fact, some home builder companies can create entire neighborhoods at a time, or build a new house in an existing neighborhood. Not all of these home builders are “one off” companies, so a client may check which type a local contractor is.

Getting Custom Homes Built

Generally, it is older American adults who turn to custom homes builders, since they have enough money saved up from decades of work to afford this sort of project. Middle or upper class households in particular may have the budget to have a large custom house built, even in popular areas such as Miami’s beaches. To start with, someone who wants custom homes built will need to own the property where the house will be built, and that is an entire topic in itself. Suffice to say, it should be assumed that a custom home client has already purchased the land for development.

The client will then turn to local home builder contractors, and browse their websites to get a good example of how they work. Their websites should have photos, videos, and articles that showcase their work clearly, and there may be customer reviews to see as well. A client may and probably should contact these home builders by phone and speak with them in person as well, to carefully evaluate how well they work. After all, any house is a major investment, and a client will want to make sure they are working with a worthwhile contractor who can fulfill all their needs.

Once a client has the right company to work with, everyone involved will design that home. A homeowner will probably not be a professional architect, but the home builder company should have architects on staff who can listen to the client’s ideas and help them design a solid and safe house to live in. Details such as the total square footage, layout and types of rooms, number of floors, type and placement of windows, and even fireplaces can be decided ahead of time and drawn on blueprints. The homeowner may also want a large garage for multiple cars, or use that garage as a sort of work space. In some cases, the house’s design may also feature a back patio or wooden deck.

With all this decided upon, the house will be constructed on that privately owned plot of land, and the materials and labor power used may help determine the overall price of that house. Being customized, these houses may vary widely on their total cost, but a homeowner may coordinate with the builder company well ahead of time to make sure the final product will fit their budget. The cost (and sale value) may also be affected by the popularity of the region based on local attractions and other real estate trends.

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