Pioneer services,Residential property management,Residential sales and leasing Does Your Neighborhood Have a Home Owner’s Association?

Does Your Neighborhood Have a Home Owner’s Association?

There have been many times when you have been upset with the leaders of the community association management team, but tonight is not one of them. In fact, there have been times in the past when you told your spouse that you were going to refuse to pay the annual dues. Last night, however, the group used their message board to put out a call for help and that call for help allowed you to navigate the biggest challenge that you have faced in your 20 plus years of home ownership.

A spike in the temperatures that caused most of the nine inches of snow in your back yard to melt in a day, combined with nearly three inches of rain within the same time period, created rivers of water that had never been there before. Unfortunately, one of those rivers filled a basement window wells in your home. That water then, within just a couple of hours, filled your entire basement with two inches of water. The fact that all of this water landed in your house, of course, meant that your neighbors’s homes were dry. Those neighbors came to help and before you knew it one of them had called the community association management team and they requested even more help. Before you knew it, one neighbor had moved your basement furniture to the garage, two others had rented two carpet cleaning machines to start sucking up the water, and another group was pulling back the carpet and pulling up and throwing out the padding.
Does Your Home Owner’s Association Help Out in Times of Emergency?

Before you knew it, the insurance agent showed up. After the initial inspection, the agent indicated that the work that your neighbors had completed was exactly what the professionals would have done. It appears that the homeowner association management services really came through this time. Instead of asking for more money, it appeared that it has helped you save some this time.

Many home owners are used to residential property management teams if they have lived in a rented space before, but not all of these property owners are prepared for the fees and regulations that are required in some neighborhood purchases.

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