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Honoring A Loved One Why Cremation Is Becoming The Preferred Method Of Closure In America

Losing a loved one doesn’t come with a how-to list.

There’s no right or wrong way to approach the way your life changes. There are, however, better or worse ways to honor a beloved person. Cremation services are there to help you when you need help planning a funeral and beginning on the work of honoring a friend or family member’s memory. Not only are cremation services affordable, they can be paired with low-cost services to help you approach the long, winding journey of change. For those that don’t understand how affordable cremation services work or how they stand to benefit you and your family during these rough times, take a look below.

Low-cost funeral and cremation services are one of many ways of paying the proper amount of respect.

Cremation has been around for hundreds of years. Some of the earliest known records of cremation have been found throughout the Middle East and Europe across different eras, with methods differing from culture to culture. While not universal, it is considered one of the most common ways of arranging a funeral in human history. Due to the influence of Christianity, among a few other reasons, it used to be illegal in the United States until the late 1800’s. Today it’s seen as a viable way of arranging for the funeral services of a loved one, regardless of religion or budget.

This isn’t to say it doesn’t still leave an impact. Your family history, religion and finances can all influence your decision to have a more traditional funeral or approach an increasingly common way of honoring a loved one. Back in 2017 the American cremation rate was steady at a little over 50%. Recent projections have gauged this cremation rate to reach nearly 60% by the time 2022 arrives. Even if you haven’t used cremation services before, it’s likely you know someone who has. One study found just under 40% of Americans feeling religion to be an important part of a funeral.

Low cost cremation is starting to become the preferred method today. The average life expectancy in the United States is just under 80 years, according to recent estimates, and a 2017 survey found over half of respondents over the age of 40 preferring cremation. It’s not just a personal decision, either. The National Funeral Directors Association (or NFDA) did a 2017 Consumer Awareness And Preference Study that revealed a little over 60% of consumers feeling it was very important to communicate their funeral planes and wishes to family members prior to their own death. Despite this, just 20% do so on average.

It can seem daunting reaching out to cremation San Diego services or inquiring about costs. In fact, budget remains one of the biggest barriers toward helping families and friends receive the closure they deserve. The most important step is to look into local cremation services and ask about what they have to offer. Not only can they discuss multiple avenues of pricing, they can also offer you the option of supplementing the cremation with other forms of homage. These include adding cosmetic touches, choosing between weekend or weekday services and providing various tributes. Where these details end up are up to you and yours.

When you lose a loved one your biggest instinct is to make sure they’re not forgotten. Affordable cremation services will work closely with you to craft a send off that’s meaningful, personal and affordable. Today is seeing more and more Americans turning to cremation services to pay respect to those that have passed away, with more options than ever to help you craft your vision down to the smallest detail. Cremation services are fundamentally designed to pay respect to their memory.

Reach out today and let cremation services walk this journey alongside you.

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