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Alternative Wedding Flower Options

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Wedding flowers are an important part of your big day. They provide beauty and a sense of freshness to the celebration. Couples choose from many different floral arrangement choices. There are also many alternative floral options to choose. If you are planning a wedding or celebration and want something that looks as nice as flowers and floral arrangements, but want something a little more unique, consider one of these ideas instead.

Silk flowers
Silk flowers have many advantages over real flowers, but look almost real. They tend to last much longer. If you are worried about your flowers beginning to wilt before the ceremony, silk flowers may be a good option. Silk flowers are also good for those who are traveling a long distance for their wedding celebration and are unable to arrange flower delivery. Although fresh flowers smell nicer, some silk flowers are infused with perfumes to also produce a fresh and floral smell. Silk flowers can also be more affordable than real flowers, depending on the type of flower you are looking for. Flowers typically make up 7 to 8% of a wedding budget. That could translate to thousands of dollars of savings.

Fresh fruit baskets arrangements
Fruit is also seen a fresh and can make for a great wedding decoration. One of the biggest problems with centerpieces and floral bouquets is figuring out what you will do with them once the wedding is over. Eventually, the flowers will dry out and you will throw away the expensive flowers you purchased. Some couples try to send guests home with centerpieces that are made up of flowers, but many guests do not want the responsibilities of caring for fresh flowers. Fresh fruit baskets are a unique and practical option. They smell good, are very colorful, and your guests will be pleased to take them home at the end of the night. Many wedding florists are able to provide couples with fruit basket arrangements or a mix of the best selling flowers with fruits mixed into them.

Flower petals
Although flower petals are traditionally used for the flower girl, they can also make for a great wedding decoration. Over 60% of wedding parties include a flower girl. If you are already using a flower girl, you will already need flower petals, making it much more cost effective. Whether you decide to go with fresh flowers or silk flowers for the flower petals, you can use the same flowers on the tables and throughout the reception room. Just make sure that you if you are getting married outdoors that you request biodegradable flower petals from your wedding florist. Some flowers can actually be harmful for the environment and might even be prohibited in your outdoor ceremony location.

Hypoallergenic fake flowers
Some couples are also choosing to step away from real flowers because of the ability of allergies of guests. Some brides and grooms may also have severe allergies to different flowers. If you do not want to spend your day wheezing and sneezing, consider going with hypoallergenic flowers. There are many alternatives to the traditional wedding flowers today and your wedding florist will be able to provide you with many options.

Weddings and flowers often go together. The bridal party carries flowers down the aisle. The groomsmen wear flowers on their suits. Even flowers are places on the middle of the tables at the reception. When planning your upcoming wedding, remember that traditional wedding flowers are not your only option. There are many other alternative options that can personalize your wedding and meet all of your floral needs. Your wedding florist will be an important resource when planning your floral needs.

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