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3 Popular Flowers For Weddings And Their Meanings

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If you’re about to have a wedding, then you’re probably thinking about decorations and making sure that everything is in place for the event. You’ve contacted tailors, triple checked the venue, made sure the caterers are still delivering, and all the other preparations that you’ve had to do. You think you’re prepared.

But have you contacted the florist that you’re getting your roses or other flowers from?

Your wedding florist is one of the lesser appreciated individuals on your long, long, list of contacts you’ve been calling for the event. The floral arrangements might not be your top priority, after all. But they are important none the less. Especially their knowledge of flora.

Your local flower shops have a variety of flowers to offer you, but you need a professional to tell you what these flowers mean, so your wedding day can be a memorable and symbolic one.

But in case you’ve forgotten to contact your local florist and decided to just go right to the flower shops and buy, here are a few popular flora choices and their meanings:


Long considered a symbol of beauty and love, the rose is featured in many myths and fairy tales. Writers and poets a like have used this flower as a metaphor for emotion, beauty, passion, and loves embrace for many, many, years. It’s basically the MVP of weddings and can come in a variety of colors, shockingly. There are more than three thousand varieties of roses in the world.


Although native to Persia, this flower is often associated with the Netherlands. It represents “consuming love” and “happy years,” and can be a very meaningful wedding choice. They’re grown in a wide range of colors from white to red and purple. They’re very affordable and grown through much of the year.


The hydrangea has a big bushy head, and a variety of intense shades of pink, blue, and purple. In the Victorian language of flowers, the name “vanity” is what this particular flora represents. These flowers are moderately priced, depending on the variety, and goes well with a bouquet.

There are a lot of flower options out there for your wedding, and every one has its own meaning and representation for an event like a wedding. Hopefully, you found this little guide to be helpful in finding one for the future.

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