Bereavement quilts,Custom memory quilt,T-shirt quilt makers A Custom Tee Shirt Quilt Make the Best Gift

A Custom Tee Shirt Quilt Make the Best Gift

Bereavement quilts

Quilting can be traced back to ancient societies; it is one of the oldest crafts still practiced today. A recent study showed that the quilting industry generates a whopping $3.7 billion with over 21 million people quilting.

There are a wide range of different quilting styles and options available with some being easier than others. Regardless of the style you are looking for, you want to go to a custom quilt maker for a high quality and beautiful quilt.

A recent trend in quilting is a custom tee shirt quilt. These are quilts with batting and backing made out of memorable t-shirts. These handmade quilts can be used for graduation gifts, wedding gifts, or even bereavement gifts to preserve the memory of someone who has passed.

A custom t-shirt quilt can vary in size from a baby blanket or lap blanket to a full bedspread size. Obviously, the bigger the quilt you want, the more t-shirts you will need to have it made. Professional t-shirt quilt makers are experienced in how to get the important part of the t-shirt on the quilt while maintaining perfectly crafted lines and designs.

A custom tee shirt quilt given as a high school graduation gift may include t-shirts from sports teams or clubs they were involved with, concert t-shirts, or t-shirts that were given to them by a loved one.

College graduation quilts may include those kinds of shirts plus t-shirts from their university, jobs they held, or the sorority or fraternity they were a member of. There is really no limit to the types of t-shirts that can be included in the quilt. The important aspect is to include t-shirts that are sentimentally important to the person receiving the quilt.

Another common trend for t-shirt quilts is as bereavement or memory quilts. These are quilts designed to honor the memory of someone that has passed and typically includes t-shirts that belonged to that person. However, if you do not have enough of those, you can also include t-shirts from groups or organizations the person was involved in.

Still another option is as a baby blanket. These blankets may reflect someone that has passed or it can celebrate the parents. It may include t-shirts of the parents’ favorite teams, shirts they owned, even military shirts if one or both parents are military. This type of custom tee shirt quilt would also be perfect for a child, who’s parent is currently deployed. It can provide them with something to sleep with that will remind them their parent is always there.

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