Custom home builders,Home builders chattanooga tn Create Your Dream Home With the Help of Custom Home Builders

Create Your Dream Home With the Help of Custom Home Builders

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Buying a new home is a huge expense — often one of the greatest expenses we’ll have in our life, other than our education and vehicles. However, that new house will almost always come with extra expenses. Undoubtedly there will be something about the house that isn’t working for you or your family and remodeling or repairs will have to be made. So not only have you spent money on a new home, you now have to spend even more money on making it perfect for you. What if you could have the perfect home right away? Custom home builders offer you the chance to craft your dream home — and get it right the first time. No more home remodeling, no more kitchen remodeling — with home builders on the job, you know exactly what kind of home you’re getting. Though of course custom home builders will be more expensive than a pre-existing home, you won’t have to worry about remodels or repairs for hopefully years to come.
The Dissatisfaction With Current Homes
Houzz conducted a survey that showed that around 60% of people had plans to remodel their master bathroom and the National Association of Home Builders released a survey that showed almost 70% of jobs requested were for a kitchen remodel. In 2014, over half of homeowners on Houzz had renovated their homes.
Additions are a common renovation — over half of those on the hunt for a home want a home with over 2,000 square feet of living area and only 40% of single-family homes that currently exist are that big. And it’s not just older, more established homeowners who are making big changes — millennial homeowners are just as likely to redo heir homes, trying to make their new home their own. With this kind of desire for change, wouldn’t it just be easier to get custom home builders on the job?
Talk to Me About New Home Builders
These types of homes take a good amount of planning, so don’t expect to jump into your home right away. Custom built homes take an average of 10-16 months to build and the personalized production plan take around four to six months. Building times can also be affected by what part of the country the home is being built on. For example, homes in the Middle Atlantic Region will take around 9.5 months from start to finish, while homes in the Mountain Region might take only six months.
After the house is planned out and construction is set to begin, the home builders will excavate the site of your home and lay a foundation. They’ll then start framing home, which gives the homeowners an idea of the “bones” of the home. The mechanics of the home like heating, plumbing, insulation, HVAC installation, etc., comes after and drywall is installed afterwards. The last stage will be the finishing touches to get the house ready to live in — floor and appliance installation and other detail features.
What are the Benefits of Having a Custom Built House?
You get to make all the choices when you hire custom home builders in terms of what your house looks. It’s an active collaboration to make your dreams come to life! Your home can be a true and unique reflection of you, your personality and your needs. It can be an especially personal project for many reasons.
You can also choose the location of your home and how much privacy you want. If you’ve always dreamed of living in a particular area or have a certain view in mind, custom building your house there is a great way to take advantage of that.
You can also be assured that your home will be perfectly functional in the way that you need it to be — and that your home is the highest quality possible! Don’t worry about renovations or remodels in your future!
If you’ve been toying with the idea of building your very own home, there are so many great reasons to pursue it! Build your dream home with the help of custom home builders!

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