Considerations in a Luxury Home

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To Make a House a Home

One of the places we spend most of our time, our houses put as much work in for us as we invest in them. Truly the foundation of the family, our homes should not be neglected. Once only for the upper class, luxury home fittings are becoming a mainstay in every home. Energy appliances especially are becoming a priority in custom home plans, because not only do they provider better heating, cooling, and lighting, but they also save the homeowner money in the long run and are better for the environment. The building of the home itself is also important to keep energy costs low. Weather stripping a home can prevent up to 30 to %40 of heating and cooling energy loss. Convection ovens can also provide significant energy and cost savings, in addition to cooking food 25% faster. If you think your home isn’t energy efficient, installing double-paned wood or vinyl-framed windows can lower energy costs up to 24% in hot summers and cold winters when compared to traditional single-pane windows. This change alone can add a custom feel to a home.

Common Luxury Ammenities

Luxury custom home builders are no longer just building jumbo suburban castles, often now they are building for people who wish to downsize but still maintain a luxury home feel. Luxury home designs can be made smaller, and still contain those comfortable touches which really make a house into a home. Details like stone bathtubs, padded carpets, and spray foam insulation can all make your dwelling a little cozier. It may sound surprising, but stone bathtubs and infinity pools are two of the most commonly added amenities to luxury homes. Padded carpets can retain up to %50 percent more height and thickness than their unpadded counterparts over time. Luxury custom home builders often include these features in all the custom home models that they design and build.

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