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Why Do Americans Move Around So Much?

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Thinking of moving soon? It’s time to start looking up affordable movers. Moving can be incredibly daunting for a variety of reasons, ranging from adapting to a new location to managing the wealth of costs that’ll meet you in the beginning and once you’ve settled down. Movers, however, are trained professionals dedicated to helping you get everything sorted out as easily as possible.

How Often Do People Move?

Americans are known for always being on the go. Studies have shown the average American moves around 12 times in their life, though this number can fluctuate due to economic circumstances and family. Americans who have never left their hometowns before have a greater number of extended family members who live within an hour’s drive compared to those who no longer reside in their place of origin — this median is as drastic as eight to three.

Why Do People Move?

Did you know college education is often the biggest factor involved in people’s moving decisions? Studies have shown three-quarters of college graduates (reaching nearly 80%) having changed communities at least once, compared with just over half of those with a high school diploma or equivalent. College graduates are also far more likely to have lived in multiple states. Other reasons include welcoming new family members, getting married or getting divorced.

Where Do People Move?

The locations people choose are as varied as their reasons. Nearly 35% of all renters will move every year, with more than six in ten adults having moved to a new community at least once in their lives. Metropolitan areas are rather popular for their abundance of culture and job opportunities, while suburban areas prove ideal for those looking to raise a family. Some of the most popular states, even now, are California, New York and Florida. Those seeking out more affordable neighborhoods might choose Washington or Oregon.

When Do People Move?

Some seasons are more agreeable than others. Studies have shown nearly half of all moves take place in the summer, between the beginning of May and Labor Day. Winter is the least common season due to hazardous conditions, busy holidays and freezing temperatures. Whether you move in the spring or are packing your bags during Christmas, movers can help you out and in good time.

How Can Movers Help Me?

A commercial moving service can take the edge off of moving and give you peace of mind during your relocation. They help you with everything from scheduling, packing and moving across the country — you can even assist movers by supplementing travel with your vehicle if you so choose. There’s no need to worry about lost furniture or damaged goods, as each moving van is designed from the ground up to create a seamless transportation experience for all. Every year nearly 43 million Americans will move to a new location, giving movers plenty of opportunities to reach out and help people achieve the future they’ve been searching for.

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