Coming Up with Ideas for Furnishing a Condo

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Getting ready to move into a new home is a very exciting endeavor. Not only will the change of scenery be refreshing, but you also get the chance to create the perfect look and atmosphere for your new space. Whether you are moving into a larger home and need more furniture to fill it out, or seeking ideas for furnishing a condo, starting with this new blank canvas requires very careful consideration, even as you start to feel overwhelmed with the excitement, or perhaps especially because of it.

Throwing around some ideas for furnishing a condo

While the blank canvas of a new home can be invigorating for some, it can prove to be a bit too much for others. If you are not quite sure the direction you would like to move in for decorating your home, consider bringing in a friend, family member, your spouse or partner, or a qualified interior designer to help narrow down your options, or choose a theme. Someone who has experience dispensing good tips for furnishing a home will be able to help guide you in a direction that you will end up being happy with. And it is a good idea to flesh out at least some of those ideas before setting out to begin furniture shopping for a condo, as it could be all too easy to become overwhelmed with all of the options. If nothing else, do a bit of window shopping first.

Leave your credit cards at home if you have to, if you head out to shop for ideas and you are afraid you might just end up spending money on several different styles that catch your eye before you have a plan for the perfect setup.

Theme ideas for furnishing a condo
In the beginning stages, when you are still looking around for ideas for furnishing a condo, it might be worthwhile to explore specific themes to see what might resonate well with your style.

  • Rustic
    One popular style that has made its way from secluded cabins and cottages to upscale city homes is the rustic look. Elements of this style can be incorporated in a very fashionable and well done manner. Reclaimed wood is often a central material for this theme, and it can come from old furniture, or you could make it more meaningful by using wood from buildings or bridges that are no longer being used but have some sort of sentimental connection for you. Furniture made from barnwood is in high demand for its rich, aged look, and could work well in the right space.
  • Beach or nautical
    Going for a beach theme can bring a sense of light and airiness to your space, and is particularly refreshing if you have a love for the sea but are not as close to it as you might like to be. Implementing soft sea blues, sandy neutral tones, and textures like sea grass and driftwood can bring the sea to you. Sheer, lightweight curtains can also add the airy atmosphere of the beach as well.
  • Colors
    Instead of going for a type of setting that makes you feel like you are entering a specific environment like a beach or woodland, you could opt for strong color themes. Black and white gives a very modern, clean feel, while bold colors would give the space a very modern, contemporary feel.

Other tips to consider
As you settle on colors, themes, and designs, it is also important to carefully consider the materials and quality of the furniture you choose to put in your home. Furniture legs that are made of metal, rubber, or plastic are not only not as nice to look at, but they do not last long, and can do damage to your floors. Higher quality furniture is identifiable by the less apparent welding, sanding and finishing and the mechanisms that conceal hardware. The nuts, screws and bolts blend to match the piece and are less likely to rust.

Whatever you decide to do with your new space, make sure it’s a look that you will fall in love with every time you walk in.

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