Basement sealing companies,Chicago basement waterproofing,Wet basement Do You Have Basement Foundation Cracks That Need to be Repaired?

Do You Have Basement Foundation Cracks That Need to be Repaired?

Basement leaks when it rains

By the time the season changes most of us are ready. We are ready for the vibrant colors of the leaves just before they fall to the ground. We are ready for the snow to be gone for good at the end of a long winter. We are ready for some nice cool mornings and evenings at the end of long summer days. But for all of the things that we look forward to as the seasons change, there are also some weather events that lead to house problems that we would rather avoid.
At the top of the list of things that we would just as soon not deal with are basement leaks when it rains. Whether they are the rainy days of spring that help our lawns turn green and the trees revitalize themselves or the rain that proceeds the snow we will eventually get in the winter, basement leaks that require foundation repair contractors can be both stressful and expensive.
The worst basement leaks when it rains, of course, are the ones that go unnoticed and lead to extensive and costly damage. Did you know, for instance, that of home with basements, over 98% experience some type of water damage at some time. In fact, during the year 2013, water damage accounted more than 26% of all insurance loss claims in America.
Finding a Company to Mitigate Basement Leaks When It Rains Is Crucial to Maintaining the Value of Your Home
Foundation experts can provide a variety of services to help both home and business owners address issues with basement leaks when it rains.

  • Install window wells
  • Replace sump pumps
  • Install sump pumps
  • Fix drain tile systems
  • Install crawl space liners to keep these areas moisture free
  • Dig discharge lines
  • Epoxy inject foundation cracks

Foundation repair services rarely see problems that are new. Although a leaky basement issue may be devastating to you, the experts who work on foundation repairs are rarely baffled. They have seen it all before. In fact, in most cases they have seen a problem that is far worse than the problem you are experiencing, and based on this previous knowledge they can recommend solutions for your home of for your business.
In many parts of the country, basements water leaks are not a problem because homes are not even allowed to have basements. The threat of high ground waters in states like Louisiana, for instance, some homeowners have never seen a basement in their lives. For homeowners who live near a sandy man made lake, for example, basements are not ever included in homes because the foundation would simply not be stable enough. In parts of the midwest, however, basements are an essential part of almost all homes. And while some homeowners live on a lot that is high enough that they can have a walkout basement, others live in lower parts of a subdivision that requires basements that are totally underground and only accessible from the outside through window wells.
In the areas where they are allowed, however, basements of all kinds can experience problems with small leaks all of the way to entire basement flooding events. When water enters a basement, either in a small amount or a large amount, two of the greatest threats are damage to the foundation and the growth of mold.
Even Small Basement Leaks Can Become Big Problems If Not Corrected
Foundation problems are indicated by cracks that are bigger than one fourth of an inch wide, or by stair step cracks in blocks or bricks. In the event that either of these conditions exist, it is important for homeowners to take immediate action. Solutions than can range from inexpensive and insignificant like making sure that outdoor plants are placed at least two feet from the foundation to expensive and extensive repairs like lifting an entire home and pouring additional foundation footings. In either case, however, finding the source of the problem is essential if you want to avoid the next big problem: mold.
Experts recommend removing any organic items such as bedding, towels, and upholstery that have been damaged by the basement water leaks or floods. If these items do not dry within 48 hours, they must be thrown out to avoid the threat of mold.

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