5 Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

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If you’re putting your home on the market, your ideal goal will be to receive a fast offer for the asking price. Owners of single family homes and luxury condos alike can implement home staging tips for real estate listings in order to get the best and fastest offers. Whether you have a historic home or currently own a new construction property, use these five staging tips to sell your home quickly and for a price you’ll love:

  • Boost curb appeal
    Any agent will tell you that one of the biggest deciding factors for buyers looking at real estate for sale is the promise of curb appeal. It’s the first thing that buyers will see — whether in a listing ad or from the street — and it’s imperative to make a good first impression. Make sure your home is visible and not obscured by trees. Plant attractive flowers and shrubs, make sure the lawn is mowed, and that the exterior of the house has a fresh coat of paint. You’ll want to lure visitors in — not drive them away. Even something as simple as changing the color of your window trim or front door can make a huge difference.
  • Define rooms
    If you’re using a room for anything other than its intended purpose, you need to rethink your approach when you list your home for sale. Buyers don’t want to see a bedroom being used for storage or a dining room that isn’t being utilized. Even if your family’s needs differ from how your home is set up, make sure to define rooms so that buyers can easily picture their needs being met. You can utilize furniture you already own in different ways to turn the old nursery-turned-storage-closet back into an office. Or use a furniture rental company or staging service to turn the bonus room into something buyers will love, like a man cave, craft room, or playroom for the kids.
  • De-clutter and clean
    It’s hard for buyers to envision themselves and their furnishings in a space when a home feels cramped and cluttered. Having too much furniture — or furniture that’s too large for the space — can make potential buyers feel overwhelmed and claustrophobic. Ensure that your furniture is in proper scale to the size of the room and to store anything that’s distracting or extraneous. And don’t forget to clean! Buyers want to see a home that’s free of dirt, stains, and other concerns. Don’t be afraid to hire professional cleaners to tackle the job. They may notice things you normally overlook and can help reduce stress.
  • Inviting touches
    Make sure buyers feel welcomed once they enter the home. Inadequate lighting is a common problem for many homes. Buyers want to see a lot of natural light — or, lacking that, that a home is well-lit. Dim and dark homes will not attract buyers. In addition, make sure any personal touches you keep won’t be a turn-off. Sometimes these help make a home feel “homey” and lived-in. But other times, they can be a deterrent. Embrace a more neutral color palette without being boring. If you have a porch or a patio, you’ll want to spruce those up, too. It can be a challenging task, but if you can manage to welcome buyers into your home while helping them envision how they could easily make it theirs, you’ll see better results from your real estate listing.
  • Small upgrades
    There are circumstances where a large scale renovation is needed, but even small upgrades can translate into a better sale price. Changing out your kitchen fixtures, replacing the front panel on your dishwasher, repainting cabinets, or refinishing your hardwood floors can add the surface appeal buyers are looking for. If you do want to go for an upgrade, the bathrooms and kitchen pack the biggest punch for buyers. But many times, these little changes can go a long way.

In order to make an impact, try these tips before listing your real estate for sale. They’ll be sure to make a big impact on your final price and on how quickly your home sells.

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