Esprit bedding,Fitted sheet only,Waterproof mattress protector New moms here’s how to make the perfect bed for your baby

New moms here’s how to make the perfect bed for your baby

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There’s one thing new moms want more than anything, the first few weeks: that’s a full night’s sleep. While there’s a range of factors that can affect how your baby sleeps (some out of your control), you can do your best to ensure your baby is comfortable by choosing the perfect bed setup, from a baby crib sheet to the room temperature. Here are our top tips for preparing the best bed for your baby:

Start with the mattress. Just like adults, babies like it just right. That means not too soft or too hard, but firm. Choose a high quality one and make sure it fits properly in the crib. Any gaps or spaces can be a hazard to your child.

Only use a fitted crib sheet. Babies shouldn’t have loose sheets or blankets in their cribs- that’s a choking disaster waiting to happen. If you’d like, you can buy a zippered sleep sack for your child to keep him or her warm and cozy.

Speaking of sheets, we recommend using a waterproof fitted sheet single for your baby. Waterproof sheets have come a long way and are more comfortable than ever. Not to mention, extremely practical when you have a newborn. A waterproof fitted sheet single can save you a lot of cleanup time and make life a lot easier.

No pillows or toys or stuffed animals. These can all be dangerous to your baby. Once they are older, you can begin incorporating them but, when it comes to infant sleep areas, follow the motto “bare is best”. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Clean, clean, clean. Wash and dry your baby’s bedding once a week. Not only will you prevent bacteria and germs from infecting your child, but you may also help him or her sleep better. Three out of four people say they get a more restful night of sleep on freshly scented sheets. We bet that applies to crib fitted sheets as well!

And finally, don’t forget the baby monitor so you can keep tabs on what your baby is up to in his or her room. White noise machines can also be a great addition to a nursery to help lull your baby to a wonderful (hopefully night long) sleep.

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