Experienced real estate team,Keller williams albany oregon,Realtor Are You Getting Desperate to Sell Your Current Home?

Are You Getting Desperate to Sell Your Current Home?

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The new experienced real estate team has made all of the difference.
Although the first listing produced very few results, the homeowners did not give up. The decision to sell their 3,200 square foot two story home was not an easy one. they had loved the home that they had lived in for the last 19 years. The did not, however, love all of the stairs. After much thought and searching they located a ranch home in an adjoining neighborhood. The new home actually had a larger yard to mow, but the ranch floor plan meant that the couple who was in their 60s would be climbing fewer stairs while inside. With the master bedroom and the laundry room now on the same floor, many of the daily tasks seemed much more manageable.
And while finding a new home had been something fairly easy to achieve, selling their older home had turned into a bigger challenge than they imagined. Initially listing their home with a friend of a friend for six months, the couple was very frustrated in how many showings they had. As soon as the six months elapsed the couple was ready to list their home with a more experienced real estate team.
Following the Advice of an Experienced Real Estate Team Can Help Sell a Home
The more experienced real estate agents, however, were very up front. As they saw it, the home had two major downfalls. One, the backyard was very tiny. Although the backyard neighbors were very nice and actually good friends of the couple who was trying to sell their home, the neighbor’s home was enormous. With the largest floor plan in the subdivision, the size of the neighboring house made it feel like their home came right into the backyard of the two story home that had not sold in the first six months.To compete with the other homes for sale in the neighborhood, the newly hired experienced real estate team suggested that you put up a fence running the length of the property. the fence would let any potential buyers know that it was not your yard that was so small, it was actually the backyard neighbors who had the small yard. The neighbors were not excited about the news of the fence, but they understood that it was something that would help sell their friends’ home.
The other houses listed for sale in the neighborhood, the new realtor team pointed out, had much larger finished basements. The fact that the two story the 60 year old couple was trying to sell had extra garage space in the basement significantly cut into the finished basement space. This fix would not be as inexpensive as installing a fence, but the realtors suggested that the homeowners remove the wall separating the finished basement side from the garage and redo the basement. With a large three car garage on the front of the house, few potential buyers would see a need for the basement garage space. Instead, potential buyers would be looking for more living space in the walk out basement.
It was a stressful few months with a substantial amount of new money invested, but the changes worked. Once the house was listed again, it sold within just a few weeks. The sellers were thrilled to only have one yard to mow and one set of landscaping to maintain.
Deciding to List a House with a Professional Realtor Often Creates a Better Selling Opportunity
It should come as no surprise that 78% of recent buyers found their real estate agent to be a very useful source of information. And while online websites were noted as a very useful information source 82% of the time, having an agent to help answer questions and give advice about what is not included in online listings can make all of the difference.
When it comes to selling, realtors can be even more important. A homeowner often has a difficult time seeing the shortfalls in their own home and an agent can provide objective advice. A simple example is that 90% of the time real estate agents make recommendations like landscaping additions that improve the curb appeal of a property.

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