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Time to Find Your Personal Chariot

Pre-owned golf carts

Sometimes you just want to get somewhere quickly, but the use of your car seems a bit excessive. Maybe you need to get somewhere that your regular vehicle is not allowed but you would be able to access with the use of say, your own personal golf cart. How easy would it be to tool around your neighborhood, or to the nearby beach, or around a big special event such as a wedding, fundraiser, or company picnic with a cart that is fast enough to make the trip fun, but not so big, loud, or fast as to disrupt others in the area? Golf carts for personal use are gaining popularity, and on top of that, refurbished golf carts that can be altered further to fit your style or your needs are often the perfect addition that you quite possibly never even realized you were missing.

Why you should take a look at refurbished golf carts
Sure, you could easily go out and purchase a brand new golf cart or shop for similar utility carts that would be a fancy, shiny addition to your garage. In fact, if you are looking to impress, you could spend as much as $30,000 for a luxury model that would be sure to catch the eye of your neighbors. But if you decide to choose from a number of refurbished golf carts, you could find one that fits your style even better, often for a fraction of the price. If the price tag is not an issue, refurbished golf carts could always be added to for style, color, and performance as excessively as you so desire.

The places you could go in pre-owned golf carts

As a matter of logic, if you could get a better deal looking at used golf carts that would function just the same as a brand new model, and could easily be adapted to show off your personal style, why wouldn’t you lean toward that option? And think of everything that you could do with your new mini vehicle. While the top speeds of such carts typically range from around 15 miles per hour to 25 miles per hour, you could always have them modified in order to reach higher speeds. There are different laws and regulations in different areas regarding where you can drive these types of carts, so it is always important to check in your area before zipping down the road, particularly if you have altered the engine or some other aspect of the performance of the vehicle. In general, most regular golf carts are usually allowed to be on streets and roads where there is a posted speed limit no higher than 35 miles per hour. And if you are planning on revving up that little cart to speeds of more than 20 miles per hour, know that you are expected to follow the same traffic laws as other motor vehicles. Just because you can weave in and out of smaller places does not necessarily mean that you should.

Drive responsibly

It is not just the speed laws that you need to follow when you jump into your new cart of a spin. Often times these carts are used for events and activities where people are enjoying alcoholic beverages. Though a golf cart is not as heavy or complex as a typical motor vehicle, it can still do serious damage when not handled carefully and with the right amount of respect. Drinking and getting behind the wheel of a golf cart is still drinking and driving and should be regarded with the same level of severity. It is your responsibility to be aware of your surroundings and to drive carefully, and this includes being sober enough to do so.

Whether you just want a faster, more efficient way to get around to see your neighbors, or you want to get to the beach without tiring yourself out finding the perfect place to set up your umbrella and lounge chair, using your own personal golf cart is a great way to go.

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