Colorado horse property,Horse property,Ranch sales Owning Horses Can Transform Your Family’s Way of Life

Owning Horses Can Transform Your Family’s Way of Life

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A couple of experiences at opposite ends of the horse riding spectrum have your family looking for equestrian property for sale. What started as a simple volunteer opportunity at an equine therapy barn just outside of town sparked the interest of your oldest daughter in horses and riding. The recent announcement that an international horse riding competition was coming to your city during the summer of 2016 further fueled your daughter’s interest in everything having to do with horses.
And now you find yourself looking for equestrian property for sale so that your daughter, and frankly, your entire family, can pursue their new found interest in horses and riding. Funny how an innocent volunteer opportunity for a child can virtually change an entire family’s plan for where they want to live and how they want to spend their time.
Many Families Search for the Open Space That Country Living Provides
It is not just the allure of horses and the opportunity to ride that entices families to wide open spaces. Whether you are looking for farms for sale in Colorado or guest ranches for sale in Wyoming, many people look to a property with wide open spaces. For some, the open space is a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. For others, equestrian property for sale gives families chance to live closer to their own horses instead of boarding them far from home.
Guest ranches for sale can also provide great opportunities for family, youth, and corporate outings. Rented for entire weeks or short weekends, guest accommodations can provide extra income for property owners, as well as a welcome retreat for the homeowner’s family.
A comfortable set of cabins nested into the wooded area on a hunting land can also provide a variety of opportunities. Again, weeklong or short weekend trips allow hunters the opportunities to rent a cabin on spots known for many seasons of successful hunting. In addition to individual hunting lodges, some locations offer large hunting lodge accommodations. These larger options allow entire groups to rent a location for the purposes of team meetings and planning sessions, as well as hunting excursions. Used as an incentive for salesmen these locations are very popular for certain industries like hunting and fishing stores and boat manufacturers.
Many Parts of the American Economy Depend on Open Land
While some families look to hunting ranches and horse riding properties as a way of determining their quality of life, many other families look to their land as a source of income. Consider some of the statistics about American farming in the states of California and Texas:

  • $36.4 billion a year of the Texas economy is created by agricultural production and other related businesses.
  • Texas leads the nation in farm valued real estate.
  • 14% of Texans are employed in an agriculture-related job.
  • California’s top three agricultural exports are almond, dairy products, and wine.
  • California farms lead America in the production of as many as 66 crops, everything from almonds to artichokes and dates to figs. The crops also include raisins, kiwi, olives, peaches, pistachios, prunes, pomegranates, sweet rice, and walnuts.

Although California and Texas account for much of the farming in America, other states contribute as well. For example, although California leads the nation in cash crops, the following states also contribute significantly: Iowa, Texas, Nebraska, and Illinois. And while the other states may contribute less to the farm economy, all 50 states in America have some kind of farm production. And although many people think of large farming corporations, as many as 96 of the crop producing farms and lands in the U.S. are still owned by families.
Do You Dream of Owning Wide Open Land?
As the pollution and congestion in big cities continue to increase and families continue to look for ways to move to open spaces where they connect with nature, farmland and ranches become even more appealing. Whether you are looking for a luxury guest ranch to use as both a source of income and a family vacation location or you are simply looking for equestrian property for sale to ride horses, many states throughout the country may have what you are looking for. Farms across America provide many real estate opportunities.

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