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Homemade With Heart Amish Built Products

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If you’re looking for quality, handmade products, look no further than furniture or other structures made by the Amish. An Amish built shed or Amish barn will be of incredible quality and have that extra handmade one of a kind quality that you can’t get anywhere else. With so few people practicing a specific craft anymore, it’s difficult to find products that are made to last and done skillfully and well. A huge part of the Amish livelihood depends on working with their hands, so when you purchase an Amish made product like a coffee table or ladder-back chair, or employ them to help raise a barn, do an Amish built shed or garage, you know you’re getting the best possible work for your money.
Why Amish Furniture?
Small and Local
In almost every case, furniture made by the Amish is going to be 100% handmade. People in their community make the goods, which means business stays local and small. For example, Amish furniture manufacturers usually had an average about four employees, circa 2005.
The most popular types of Amish shops tend to produce farm machinery, hydraulic equipment, barns for storage, furniture, and cabinets–all things that they themselves need to survive. When Amish furniture manufacturers were polled specifically, over 80% said that they make furniture for homes, a little under 40% made furniture for offices, while 6% made contract furniture or institutional furniture. Their material of choice is typically red oak; used for about 50% of consumption.
Good Quality
Additionally, they’re known for their hard work. In 2007, the average for time spent in the shop was about 42.7 hours every week. Your product is sure to come quickly and on time, without the work being sloppy.
It’s also a taste of Americana at it’s finest, going back to its roots. They source from American hardwoods, using knowledge passed down from generation to generation. In many cases, the Amish will even repair the work, should something get damaged or old-often by the same craftsman who created it.
Environmentally Friendly
Because of the quality of the work and its durability, it’s rare to find work made by the Amish simply thrown out. It often gets passed down through generations or put into antique shops or even in some cases, museums. And should they ever need to be recycled, they’re made of all hardwood, so they’ll eventually decompose in a green way.
How Do I Find Amish Made Furniture or Other Products?
Even though their methods are old school, you can find the Amish on the Internet. Many of them have websites where you can purchase their goods. In communities with a large Amish community living nearby, many local hardware stores or garden centers will also sell Amish products. In some cases, you may be able to get directly in touch with a craftsman and contract him for bigger products, like an Amish built shed or garage.
If you’re looking for quality products at a reasonable price, look no further than Amish made furniture. In aesthetic, craftsmanship, and durability, you can’t get a better deal than with the Amish.

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