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A Tale as Old as Time The Lost Remote Control

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It’s a tale as old as time. You get home from work or school, grab a drink from the fridge and sit down to watch your favorite show or the big game. But just as you reach for your Sony, or Sharp remote control it has inevitably disappeared. Kind of amazing when there are over 335 million TV remotes in America and yet you can’t get off the infomercial channel. Where did it go? Who would have taken it? Is it really possible it actually grew legs and walked away? Probably not. Which is a good thing because at least there are ways to prevent a misplaced remote. Walking remotes would require far greater attention.

    1.) Get Creative: Get in touch with your creative side and create something to attach to your TV remote controls. Think grade school bathroom key with a wooden spoon. Try a wooden dowel with something bright, like orange construction paper, wrapped around it. Your friends might think you’re trying to converse with aliens, but you won’t be the one searching the galaxy for replacement remotes.

    2.) Rigid Policy: Sometimes rules are good. For example: The television remote controls NEVER leave their designated rooms. While it may not be a large amount at least 6% of all remotes lost or misplaced are found in the fridge, freezer, outside or in a car… There’s no all in one remote controls for fridge or car, yet anyway, so they’re best left in the rooms they belong.

    3.) Back-up Plan: A surefire way to ensure you will always have a remote in hand anytime you go for the TV is to have a Plan B. The back-up remote. Buying replacement remote controls might feel a bit to pretentious for the common person, but there are plenty of places online to get good deals on an identical remote to the one you have. Sony, Panasonic, Sharp remote control, you’ll be able to find it.

Worrying about the whereabouts of a remote control is a pretty stereotypical “first-world problem,” but it doesn’t change the fact that it can be an annoyance to your day and frustration that could be better off spent on something else.

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