Your Retirement Dilemma, Solved

55 and up community

If you’re a young retiree, you may feel like there’s not a living situation that quite meets your needs. Your typical neighborhood might be too noisy for you, or not offer enough leisure options now that you have more time to pursue your favorite activities. But you may be far too young for assisted living facilities and weekly bingo. If that dilemma resonates with you, you need to look into a 55 and up community, also known as an active adult community.

What Is a 55+ Community, Exactly?

An over 55 community is, as its name suggests, an age-restricted community for people 55 and older. But that’s not the only thing that defines these communities. Typically, these communities aren’t focused on downsizing; instead, they offer a variety of full-sized houses that community members purchase (meaning they’re a solid real estate investment). If you decided to purchase one of these homes, you’d probably find the experience to be much closer to that of a master-planned or gated community than a traditional retirement home. Additional community features are financed through monthly fees that mirror homeowners’ association fees or condo fees.

What Is a 55+ Community’s Appeal?

Why might you want to consider 55+ community living? For most retirees, the appeal is the wide range of leisure activities offered. Most communities will offer access to one or more golf courses, as well as having tennis, squash or racquetball courts; pool and gym facilities; and numerous clubs and groups. When choosing one of these communities, you just need to be sure you’re choosing one that you think will continue to serve your needs as you age. If you’re retiring at 55, your top priority might be a good network of paths where you can ride your bike. But if you’d like to stay in place for the next few decades, you’ll want to project what you’ll want at that time. You should be able to find a community that meets both your present and future needs.

Do you think you’d like living in a 55+ community? Share your thoughts on what you’re hoping to find in retirement in the comments.

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