How to Find an Apartment in Philadelphia

Philadelphia luxury apartment

In Philadelphia, finding the right apartment involves asking a lot of questions, butapartments in Philadelphia are easier to find than you’d think. Finding the best apartments is about finding the right management. A professionally managed Philadelphia apartment building will offer a greater degree of security financially, while also providing a much higher standard of service and other amenities.
In order to find an apartment with that quality of service, you’ll have to make the decision to find an apartment and rent rather than buy it. The advantages of renting over buying an apartment, especially for a city apartment in Philadelphia, far exceed any disadvantages. An estimated 35% of Americans in the United States rent their living space. These are smart people because they find an apartment, rent instead of buy and save an average of $560 every month. They also don’t risk investing in a depreciating asset. A $100 investment in housing in 1985 would be worth $293 today; that same $100 placed in stocks would be worth $1,146—nearly four times as much.
In Philadelphia, the average rent price is $819 as of 2013. So even luxury apartments can be rented for affordable rates and people can enjoy luxury features for a reasonable price.
It doesn’t have to be that strenuous to find an apartment in Philly, or that expensive. Once you’ve settled on the right place with the right price and management, Philadelphia apartment living and the city will be comfortable. The average cost of living in Philadelphia is an estimated 0.7% lower than the Pennsylvania average. That means you’ll have the ability to enjoy the city after you rent an apartment or house.
Philadelphia may have the cliche of being known for its cheesesteak, and yes, those are available all over the city, such as John’s Roast Pork, Tony Luke’s, or even Pat’s King of Steaks to name a few. But in Philly, there are so many things to see and to do.
In Center City Philadelphia, there is the famous Independence Hall and even more famous Liberty Bell. Elsewhere, there is the well known Philadelphia Museum of Art. The Academy of Music is still the oldest musical auditorium that serves its original purpose and along with that building, there are several great music festivals throughout the city. Of course, there is always the Eagles game on Sunday.

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