How Preschool Can Pay Dividends

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“I’m a great believer that the most important years are the sort of early years but the preschool years and then into the first and second grades. If you get a good base in the first and second grade and you can read, you can do anything,” first lady Barbara Bush once said. On any given day, more than five million American attend a prekindergarten program. While the benefits of preschool are clear cut, the process of finding a preschool sometimes isn’t. Choosing the best preschool requires that you do some soul searching in regards to what your family values.

For example, does your family value religion as a part of daily instruction?” Title=”a link I like”>Private schools make up about 24% of the nation’s schools. Of that 24%, 80% are religiously affiliated. If you’d prefer that your child attend school with other jewish or catholic students, parochial school may be for you. Not to mention, if your family chooses not to go the religious route. that leaves just 20% of private preschools and public preschools to choose from. Families may not want to limit themselves this much, given that there are many other considerations.

For example, while parents are finding a good preschool, they’ll learn that there are many camps of knowledge for how to educate young minds. Some schools may offer arts-based programs while others might put a large emphasis on communication, reading or even sports. Think hard about what you want your kiddos foundation to look like. Ask other families about their experience with preschools in your area. Above all, when weighing the benefits of preschool, remember that this is an investment that often pays dividends for parents.

Children who attend preschool get a head start on all the vital skills that kindergarten teaches: socialization, reading, writing and even independence.

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