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How to Make an Awesome Pirate-Themed Bar

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Decking out your living room with all sorts of nautical decorations is an elegant, rustic interior design idea, but if you want to do something really cool with your house, why not fill your at-home-bar with some pirate decor? Here are a few great ideas you can use to give your space more of that cool, rummy, historic ambiance you so desire.

Treasure Maps.

Every bar needs some art on the walls, so why not hang some treasure maps up? These pieces of pirate decor might not seem like the most artistic pieces at first, but back in the 18th century, the golden age of piracy, cartography was considered an art form. Map makers would not only draw and label different pieces of land and sea, they would also add illustrations, and write in gorgeous calligraphy.


Pirates had a slew of different weapons in their arsenal, but there’s one piece of weaponry they’re always pictured with — the blunderbuss. This old, muzzle-loading firearm would make an excellent piece of pirate decor to hang above the bar, giving it the feel of a real den of thieves, like a fight could break out at any second, a real tangible air of excitement.

Treasure Chest.

Since it’s the bar that you’re adding pirate decor to, why not get something cool to store your liquor, mixers, and bartending equipment in, like a treasure chest? Not only will this piece of pirate decor serve as a subtle, aesthetic element of your bar, but it will also play a pragmatic part role, too, giving you all the more reason to get one.


Pirates weren’t always trying to steal gold and jewels. In fact, they mainly stole commercial goods from merchant ships, like molasses or rum, which were naturally stored in barrels. Though they’re not the most exciting pieces of pirate decor, getting some barrels for your bar is still a good idea much the same way getting a treasure chest is. Not only will barrels add a bit of authenticity to your pirate bar, but you could also use them as bar chairs, or maybe even tables.

These are just a few of the cool nautical items you can get to make a super cool pirate themed bar. If you know of any other cool nautical home decorations, feel free to share in the comments.

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