Armillary sphere for sale,Nautical home decor,Nautical theme decor 5 Ideas to Bring the Look of the Sea into Your Home

5 Ideas to Bring the Look of the Sea into Your Home

Nautical home decor

Are you happy with the way you home is decorated? It has been estimated that nearly 80% of Americans are not happy with the way their homes look. By some estimates at least 13% of the population of the United States is actively made depressed by their home decorations. If that sounds like you, there are things you can do to make your home more hospitable and fun to be in. Many people find that nautical theme decor can be just the thing to lift their spirits. Whether you just get a nautical wheel or some other nautical accessories or if you go with a full on nautically themed home, here are some ways to brighten up your living space with the look of the sea:

  1. Use white and navy blue on your walls. Many homes already have the walls painted white but what you can do is leave two of the walls in a room white and paint two navy blue. What many people do that brings the feel of the water into their homes is paint walls that face each other blue. If you do not want to go as dark as navy, you can look at other colors in either the blue or green families. There are a lot of colors of paints that evoke the look and feel of the sea. If you are going for more of a beach feel, beige and lighter blue can help with that.
  2. Get some nautical home decorations to feature in your space. Getting a nautical wheel or some nautically themed statue to use as the focal point of your room can go a long way towards bringing the look and feel of the sea to your home decorating. If you have a fireplace, you can make that the focal point of your space. You can make it look more like something that would be found on a ship or pirate vessel by getting a mantlepiece to put around your fireplace. Arrange your furniture so that it is all facing the fireplace. Add a nautical wheel or a nautical clock to the space above the hearth and you will have a space that is warm but has that nautical look that you are going for. Pieces that are made from beach glass can also addd a lot of fun to a space.
  3. Get curtains, pillows, throw rugs and other accessories for your space. You do not have to get curtains with ships on them to have a great nautically themed space. Look for fabrics that may make sense in the kind of nautical space you are trying to create. You may want to consider drapes that mimic the look of sails or some crushed velvet if you are looking for a pirate decor. Look at a red floor runner to contrast with your navy blue and white walls and some pillows from the fabrics you might expect on a sailboat. You can be more overt with your decorations and opt for fabrics with anchors or ships. Have some fun with these accessories such as nautical wheels. If the first throw pillows you pick do not work, you can get different ones!
  4. Get some repurposed furniture. Wood is a common theme for many nautically themed decorations. You can get some neat looking end tables, shelving units or coffee tables that were meant to be used for other things. Well used and worn wood can give the feeling of being in a beach collage. Darker wood pieces can make your space look like a sailing ship or even a pirate space.
  5. Consider some porthole windows. If you are going to redo your living space, changing up the windows is one way to do that. You can add a new window to a space that needs it or put in one as skylight. Either way, the look is very dramatic.

Many Americans live by the sea. In 2010, it was estimated that at least 123 million people lived in a county that was near the coast. If you want to bring the sea closer to your home, these tips can help.

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