Laptop safe,Laptop safes Protect Your Valuables With a Fireproof House Safe

Protect Your Valuables With a Fireproof House Safe

Floor safe

Any homeowner with valuable has attempted to find the best hiding spot at some time or another. Perhaps you move your personal belongings around regularly, in hopes that they will not be stolen. Unfortunately, when you own high value items, you put yourself at risk of theft. While home insurance usually covers the replacement of these items, some things simply cannot be replaced. Improve the security of your home and your belongings with a fireproof floor safe. A fireproof floor safe can be beneficial for many of the items in your house.

A surprising large number of people prefer to keep their cash savings in their houses, instead of in a bank. Whether the reason be lack of trust or easier accessibility, your money is not protected when stored in your house. If you are one of the people who insist on storing your money in your house, it is crucial that you store it in something extremely secure and protective, such as a fireproof floor safe. Traditional safes may protect the money from being stolen, but a house fire could wipe away all of your cash savings. Also, portable safes that are smaller can be easily carried away.

Important documents
There are a few documents you come across in your life that are extremely important. A few of these documents include birth certificates, marriage records, death licenses, and rental and purchase agreements. Losing one of these documents can cause a lot of stress and an entire process to have them replaced. In some cases, the original document is required and a duplicate will not be accepted. Floor safes are good for storing important documents. The fireproof floor safe is also ideal, because again, a house fire could destroy all of the documents.

Electronics tend to be very expensive. They are also the most common item that is stolen, because of their high value and ease of resale. In fact, one laptop is stolen every 53 seconds. Most people do not think to claim their laptop or other electronics on their homeowner?s or renter?s insurance, because they either overlook it or they do not want to pay the minimal insurance increase. A laptop safe can prevent electronics from being stolen during a burglary.

Many people also overlook the fact that a house fire can destroy all electronics and the data that is stored on those electronics. A fireproof floor safe can prevent losing those important documents stored on a laptop or desktop computer. The UL Class 125 is best recommended for storing electronics for protection against both burglaries and house fires. It keeps safe contents at a temperature of 125 degrees Fahrenheit or less and at a humidity of 80% or less for the specified time period. It provides the highest level of protection. It is also suitable for most types of electronic media and paper documents. Class 125 rated safes also have water resistant seals on the safe to prevent the entry of water, a great option for house flood possibilities.

Guns and other weapons
There is no question that a gun in the wrong hands can be disastrous. Owning a gun often requires strict education and a license. Guns are also registered to their owners to track its uses. One of the best benefits of having a fingerprint safe is for the security of guns and weapons. Fingerprint safes ensure that guns are fully protected and that they stay out of the hands of burglars and young children in the house. For added protection, consider a biometric fingerprint safe. With approximately 2,000,000 home burglaries being reported each year in the United States, you can never be safe when it comes to the secure storage of weapons.

Most homeowners have multiple items in their house that are extremely important to them. Yet, many do not properly protect those items from theft. A fireproof floor safe is a great addition to the security of any home. It prevents burglars from stealing items of great importance, and also protects money and documents from house fires. Those with need for increased security can opt for a fireproof fingerprint house safe.

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