Eight Tips for Safely Buying Furniture Online

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Furniture shopping online can be a convenient and often preferred method of buying for many. However, not all online furniture stores are created equal, and it can be risky to buy items without seeing them in person. New furniture is a significant investment, and you need to tread carefully in the online world. Here is a list of online furniture shopping safety tips, to make sure you’re shopping safely.

  • Protect Your Computer – Make sure your computer is updated with security updates and spam filters, anti-virus software, and a secure firewall. Avoid using public wi-fi hotspots.
  • Research the Store – Check out the seller by conducting online searches and checking with the Better Business Bureau. Look for a physical address and phone number, so that you can contact them if anything goes wrong.
  • Check for Site Security – Make sure your online purchase is secure by looking for “https://” in the url, and a lock symbol on the website, before paying.
  • Read the Fine Print – As you would with any retail furniture stores, confirm the pricing, and if there are any shipping and handling charges. Check on the delivery time-frame, and if there is any warranty.
  • Keep Records – Print out a copy of your order confirmation, and save that along with all records of your transaction, including the product description, and any emails with the seller.
  • Protect Personal Information – Read the site’s provacy policy to make sure your information won’t be sold to others without your permission.
  • Use Credit Cards – Credit cards might be the safest payment option when buying furniture online. Buyers can seek a credit from the credit card company if the product is never delivered or doesn’t conform with the order.
  • Don’t Fall for Scams If the best furniture deals online seem too good to be true, that is because they often are. Furniture shopping online is the same as any other shopping experience: if something seems suspicious, don’t hand over your money.

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